• Hey Black folks
    Nubians, Melanated human beings, etc. Let me rap to ya for a sec. Have you ever heard of Alchemy? If you're like me the first thing that comes to mind is turning lead to gold. But get this, alchemy is about everything.
    The short definition is purification for reunification. Meaning, purifying yourself to reunite with God. It gets interesting when you ask 'which God'. You remember that story about Moses? Not that one, the other story. The part where the Pharaohs and all those Egyptians were told to stop worshipping their gods and start worshiping the the hebrew's god.
    Yeah, funny thing that. If you sit back and think about that and have a little knowledge about the history you'll see things in a whole new light. You see, unlike that movie with Charlton Heston(You know that racist ass white actor that played Moses) the Pharaoh wasn't Yuel Brenner, and the Egyptians weren't a bunch of white extras wearing brown face. Nope. They were all us. A lot from Nubian ancestry meaning they were actually way darker than us.
    And those gods they worshipped were around centuries before christianity ever popped up. As a matter a fact every religion and belief system that exists stole from those same Egyptian gods. Every. One. They changed the names, slapped their faces on the pictures, rewrote history and took every thing they learned and hid it in secret societies like freemasonry and the illuminati etc. And some of those societies copied every single detail and changed the head guy into Lucifer, or Baphomet, or satan take your pick.
    The religion doesn't actually have a name(although if you look up Hermeticism you'll find out all you need to know.), but alchemy is essentially what it is. And Thoth is the guy who is responsible. I'm certain you've heard of Thoth. He's the god of wisdom. He's like the brain of god. And alchemy is the journey using Thoth's 3 universal laws and 7 principles to purify the microcosm and macrocosm transmuting the base instincts into higher intellect to reunite with the divine.
    Alchemy is everywhere. You remember the three musketeers? It was written by a Black guy. You remember their slogan, 'all for one and one for all'. That's alchemy. You know how gourmet chefs in the 5 star restaurants make Hollandaise and Roux sauces around the world by mixing, using fire at different temps, and creating dishes that make them celebrities? Alchemy. You know someone speaking something that sounds to convoluted to make any sense so you tell them they're speaking gibberish? Yup, that's from alchemy.
    Seriously, everything is from alchemy. All the Black religions, 5 percenters, Fruits of Islam, all of them can be traced back to alchemy. Mathematics, geometry, chemistry, astrology, numerology you get the idea. And the treachery comes from the same source it always has, these folks, these..white. people. They turned words like occult, magic, voodoo, into something evil. Your heritage, your truth that followed all the way back reveals that we, the original human beings on this planet were at once united with God; they have convinced you to literally believe in a narrative that has been rewritten from the Egyptian gods truth. And get mad if someone tries to inform you of how most Black folks around the world have been fooled.
    The ironic thing is how I found out about this. I was studying various religions and belief systems. Like a lot. I've done this before but I mean I was reading for several hours a day for several weeks. So much so that I developed a religion of my own based off of a mathematical equation. Then I traced it's exponents back to their original source and all of them lead to one place. Thoth. and Thoth lead me to alchemy.
    So, there you have it. I know some of you who are christian or Muslim or whatever won't even bother to research it for yourself. I'm not really addressing you, I'm addressing those who wish to know the truth. When I say we are gods, I don't mean it in a woke, pro black, just got out of prison and was initiated into some type of cult kind of way, no. I mean, we. are. gods. We came from the source, were cast down here and are being waited on to purify ourselves(partly by following the laws of Maat)to return from winced we came.
    Funny enough wikipedia has a very thorough description of alchemy and it's history. Do yourself a favor. pop on over and read it. twice. What should happen is it should lead you to discover Thoth, Hermes Trismegistus, hermeticism,3 laws of the whole universe, 7 principles of everything, and you're off to the races.
    At any rate. Since I relocated to Africa last year a lot of events have come my way. Way more challenges than I've ever faced at one time but also way more information about where my people came from. This is no coincidence for me. I don't think it will be for you either. Peace.

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