Aluminum Honeycomb Panel Can Be Used In Combination With Each O


    Aluminum honeycomb panel is divided into four categories:

    Punching type: punching large-hole Aluminum Honeycomb Panel, punching middle-hole aluminum honeycomb panel, punching micro-hole aluminum honeycomb panel.

    Surface coating: stone pattern aluminum honeycomb panel, wood aluminum honeycomb panel, fluorocarbon aluminum honeycomb panel, polyester aluminum honeycomb panel.

    Composite panel: stone honeycomb panel composite aluminum panel, wood honeycomb panel composite aluminum panel, aluminum honeycomb composite panel.

    Shaped panels: arc-shaped aluminum honeycomb panels, special-shaped aluminum honeycomb panels, U-shaped aluminum honeycomb panels.

    A variety of different characteristics can be used in combination with each other. For example, the punched fluorocarbon aluminum honeycomb panel can use both punching and fluorocarbon to meet various needs. In addition, the required shape is a major feature of the diversified development of aluminum honeycomb panels.

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