Acoustic Wave Treatment of Color Coated Aluminum Coil


    In the research and development of hydrogen removal and purification technology for Color Coated Aluminum Coil, while improving the traditional in-furnace degassing and purification method, some advanced out-of-furnace on-line hydrogen removal and purification technologies have been developed, especially in the introduction mode of purified air bubbles, which has been developed from the original single-tube injection to the porous blowing head to the current rotary nozzle and is considered to be the most advanced and effective gas introduction method at present. The adopted container is mainly used for purifying gas, which can form uniform and fine bubbles in the melt in the purifying container, and make the melt passing through the container be purged by the purifying gas as much as possible, thus obviously improving the nitrogen removal and purification efficiency and productivity.

    There are still many methods for hydrogen removal and purification, such as vacuum treatment, ultrasonic treatment, direct current method, pressure crystallization method, combined degassing method, etc., especially combined degassing method (chemical hydrogen fixation method) has recently received widespread attention. Vacuum treatment is the most effective method to reduce the hydrogen content of F in aluminum melt. However, this treatment requires vacuum sealing equipment, which is expensive and causes large loss of melt temperature and extremely limited impurity removal capacity. Therefore, it is rarely used in industrial production.

    Ultrasonic treatment is a new aluminum melt purification method developed in the 1990s. Its principle is to use the cavitation effect of ultrasonic wave in the melt to destroy the continuity of liquid phase into pores, which aggregate the gases dissolved in aluminum liquid. Ultrasonic elastic oscillation promotes the formation of crystal core of bubbles and the aggregation of bubbles to a certain size, thus ensuring the gas precipitation. Due to the limitation of ultrasonic generator, this method is difficult to process large quantities of color coated aluminum coils, limiting its industrial application.

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