Why Black Social Media

  • Melanatedpeople.net was created to address the social problem that people of African descent face on the current major platforms.




    This comes in various forms, social out cry, entrepreneurship, or just wanting to connect with like minded. There are many of us who see these everyday problems and want our concerns to be heard. We want to be able to connect with those that understand. Hell want want to be able to learn and grow with each other.


    However when attempting this on major social networks it is often met with resistance. Our post get deleted, we get banners, or our account gets deleted. Actions as these has happened throughout history to us. Why allow it in the cyber world? 


    After the killing Michael Brown, and Eric Garner, when deciding to speak on the issue on major social network I got banned. That was the first time and I was like, WOW! Then the death of Cory Gaines happened and I watched it all go down. It occurred to me that we don't control our own voices, our own image. And that was enough! We needed to do something about that.


    So I went on a search to find a place to express how I fell with out worry or issue. All I found was a few websites that claimed to be black social networks, but were under others rule. How can they claim that their a black site if governed by others people rules, by their comfort levels? I mean we all can think of a few, and most have experienced them not being focused on who we are but more so on fitting us in.


    So Melanatedpeople was born.


    We are here so we can be heard, so we can share our stories, our lives. WE are here to celebrate who we are without the worry of suppression or other people emotions. We are not trying to be the guys who came before us, we are not trying to replicate any other sites. We are here to be the social network of African/Black people of the world. We have our own style, our own flare, and our own ideas of what we need as a global community.

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