African vs Eurasian living Gods... system by Prince Justice

  • African versus Eurasian living Gods/knowledge systems

    Abrahamic faiths have holy books like the Bible/Koran while African spirituality have cowries, which breeds the wrong belief that Christianity and Islam are superior. 

    They know God. He spoke to them and they got a book to prove it! 

    But this is wrong because knowledge continuously evolves and God continues to exist. 

    The moment you pen a book, it becomes obsolete as the writer and the reader captures the information and processes to the next level. 

    It's like taking a picture. You capture your image at that precise moment and from there on you continue to grow, age. 

    So the Bible and Koran are the perception of God's word and human existence at that moment over a thousand years ago. 

    This is the weakness of latter day Eurasian religions and academia, as opposed to the Yoruba/Igbo belief systems. 

    What is required is a system of thinking of capturing the workings of the universe and God. Not a picture or writing a book of it. 

    The African information retrieval system known as Ifa by Yoruba and Afa by IGBOS devised a binary system divided into 16 sectors (Ejiogbes) that continue to remain relevant since developed nearly 10,000yrs ago. 

    Those who use the system continue to update and adapt to language, cultural and environmental changes. It spread out and across the world and the Middle East and India,  it became written down and stagnated. Invading Eurasians wrote it down in India in what is known as the Rig Veda which became the script of Buddhism, Hinduism and Taoism. Those that invaded ancient Egypt wrote it down into the Torah, the Old and New Testaments of the Bible and Koran. 

    But these were all pictures of God and humanity at the precise moments. 

    From the understanding of the whole system or the cycles of humanity, the Old Testament captures God and humanity from around 2000BC to 0BC while the New Testament captures from 0AD to 2000AD. 

    From the cycles of precession and human civilization, we known that the world moves a full cycle of 26000 thousand years divided into twelve 2000 year eras known as a Great year. 

    Each Great Year brings a different level or form of global consciousness described in the Bible as the Apocalypse horsemen. The Bible, not knowing the system, starts from the point Europeans joined human civilization, which they called the First horseman with a bow and arrow on a chariot. This is really the Old Testament, known in Ifa as the era of Ogun when Europeans slaughtered Africans from South China to India to Ancient Egypt, where Abraham and the Hsykos (shepherd) Kings  overran Black people. 

    The next era, 0AD to 2000AD,  the Era of the 2nd Horseman, the era of Olokun , is the picture shown by the New Testament. This is the era when religious and political dogma, racist capitalist dogma and propaganda ruled the world. 

    In Yoruba, the New Testament, the era of Olokun is the era of Oduduwa. Unfortunately due to the Eurocentric African elite, they fail to understand that Oduduwa is just the current dynasty of Obas ruling Yorubaland, and not the beginning of the Yoruba race. 

    Now, at the end of the Olokun era, the Bible mad Koran will become obsolete as we face a new phase of human consciousness,  the era of the 3rd horseman, the era of Shango. Now, to rain relevant they need a newer Testament. Or their  God is dead on arrival of the 3rd horseman man. 

    Since I could not careless about what happens to Eurasian religions and academia, the question is where do Africans go from here? Specifically how can Africans who know the full system use the new era to uplift themselves and the world at large? 

    First,  we have to understand that knowledge constantly evolves and aim to learn the system of the world, not past testaments AMD mere snap shots of humanity or technologies. We spend billions training  engineers,  doctors and various specialists who just learn snapshots of European technology from books, who can't adapt it to our needs and  take us out of our plight of poverty and under-development. 

    Our previous education system trained our youth to think and not cram dead on arrival book knowledge. In a 12 year training course of Babalawos, not a single thing is written down but knowledge and the system are taught through practical and applied means. 

    So once you graduate as a Babalawos,, you are equipped to deal with all situations and don't go around begging for employment. You are not given the fish, but trained to fish for knowledge and solutions along natural systems. 

    Now with the advent of a new 2000yr cycle those of those who know the system will endeavor to use it to uplift the Race. We see the new Ooni for what he represents and like the wise men that identified Jesus as the new era of Olokun, we must nurture what we have to get us to where we are going. Not close our eyes and pray for deliverance. 

    If we follow the system and books of dead knowledge, we will be able to identify the tools of our emancipation. 

    May our ancestors guide us! 

    Just like Ifa su

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