Religion african woes

  • Dating back to A.C and B.C times, religion for Black people have been a tragic burden— that still affect them to this day. The conquering of Africa, the separating of Black unity, an enslavement tool for Blacks, mental slavery— the list of burdens goes on and on. Typically, Africans in earlier times were very peaceful and spiritual people. Fought when they had to fight, kill— invade, if they needed; not because of greed and power. The white Arabs (yes, white. The ones we see now came when the Africans and them mixed. (An other tactic to conquer Africa from the blacks)) and Europeans found it very easy to conquer, control, and separate the Africans, since they were very peaceful, spiritual and well— passive aggressive people. They seen it as a chance, get them spiritually instead of physically. They journey of “missionary” work, caused MILLIONS of Africans to become “non-africans” and disown their cultural background. And the ones that didn’t submit to the Islamic and Christianity religion was label as “Pagans” and had to disown their African heritage and culture and have to see it as “savage“. Now, this tactic— well planned out strategy, caused a worldwide separation and disunity of the Black folks (African), hence causing the downfall of the African empires and civilization. Africans partnering up with the enemies and fighting their own people, minimizing Africa from religion. The conquering of the Islamic and Christianity religion on Africans, eventually made them in their own right, “become non-persons, members of a race of nobodies, so hopeless that self-realization as personalities, even in a subordinate status, could only be achieved by becoming Muslims or Christians.” (The Destruction of Black Civilization, Pg. 56)— to those who would not submit. This— however, did not fully pleased the Europeans and White Arabs conquering takeover, over Africa and the Africans heritage; they wanted to COMPLETELY wipeout the African identity mentally and psychologically, they forced the Africans to change their African names to Arabic and Christian names; you know why? So if the Muhammads, Samuels, Johns, Abdullahs, Josephs, Peters, happen to achieve greatness in a certain field or invention, the illusion— Misconceptions— lies, would be that it was the Caucasian achievement (unless there was effort to identify the race of that person). Furthermore, religious tactics were very effective in modern times (1725-). Christianity in American slavery was used to dumb down the Black slaves, in order to keep them feared and control them— and to make them think that the punishment they endure and why they’re slaves, is justifiable in the eye of God— or Jesus if you will. The strategy was to get them mentally— white Jesus, means that God is white, which means the White men is God. Logical thinking from the slaves would come up with that conclusion. Henceforth, Whites telling the Black slaves that they’re inferior, due to the White skinned Superiority of Jesus Christ. They used Black pastors to preach to the enslaved Black folk, to keep them in check. Hence, leading to the downfall of Black communities today— pray and forgive your enemies, don’t fight back, meanwhile… they killing, oppressing, arresting and rapping us, behind the backs of the Black folks praying. Anyways, the Black pastors was used to recalibrate the minds of black slaves who would rebel, because they would find it absurd that a God of some sort would have “his people” as slaves and treated badly if they had prayed to him, countlessly. The slave masters and the slaves both have the same religion and praying to the same God, but one praying to be free, the other praying to keep the slaves in shackles. To continue, slaves were stripped away from their beliefs, just to learn the oppressor beliefs; to be controlled more easily— less logical thinking, more praying and forgiving the Slaver master. Modern times, the enslavement of religion to Black people isn’t physical. Its been encoded in Black people minds already— since birth. The slaves past it down to their children, their children pasted it down to theirs and so forth; The Christian Pastor/Ministers still does the work as the ones in the American Slave period; and the Blacks are still slaves and brainwashed. This tactic still affect Blacks, the Baptist churches are rundown, in the ghettos and crime rates are at the all time high; instead of the community helping eachother, cleaning the environment up and paying attention to what their child is doing— they’re attending church service and/or activities, 7 days a week 5 hours a day. Religious fanatics, worrying about whether they going to hell or heaven or did they gave the church half their paycheck. Not respecting the Black men, because there’s a White one hanging on their walls; not respecting the Black women, because they were taught women was less of a man, because they came from a man. The cause of self-hate among Blacks, hatred of one and other, separation of Blacks with their own Blacks— tragic. Why not go back to your roots?

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