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I am Nothing

  • I am nothing, because I am everything
    I am weak, but full of strength.
    I have no home, because I belong to every grain of sand that's around me.
    I am alone, but never lonely.
    I am void, but I am filled.
    I am quiet, but my spirit screams in exaltation with the flavors of that lands circling my feet.
    I am weary, but I am filled with a renewing of mind every chance my mind has to wander.
    I may sleep, but my spirit is ever moving.
    I am young, and yet I have been here since the beginning of time.
    My body is riddled with scars that create a breathtaking image of lessons learned.
    Created in the dark, I am powered by light.
    As a reflection of the Creator, infinite am I.
    I am bound to none, freely giving pieces of myself to all.
    I am rooted beneath the soil, and yet all that I am soars above the clouds.
    My time on Earth may be limited, but my legacy will live on.
    I am the leaves that blow in the winds of change.
    I am the trees that breathe life into the land we reign.
    I am magic, I am grace.
    I am the essence of all excellence sacred in this plane.
    I am the fire that cleanses the imperfections from sight.
    I am a clear sky on a cloudy day.
    I am broken, but I am whole.
    I am the songs of the birds that rest on the wings of the sea.
    Birthed from the dark, I am all that is light.
    I belong to none because I am a part of it all.
    I am insufficient, but I am Worthy.
    I am a servant, and yet I am Royal.
    Even though my life will end in time, I am Eternal.
    I am nothing, because I am Everything.

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