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The Power of Thought and Word

  • This physical world we exist in is one large system of energy. There is energy everywhere. It is all around us and in us. As a matter of fact, energy is us. Our thoughts, words, actions...are all energy. We as people, manifest the world we live in by the thoughts we create, the words we speak, and the actions we use. It is all in the way we use this energy.

    Now of course we all know there is positive energy, and negative energy. There is always a good side and a bad. But do people truly overstand that all energy is transferrable from one being to another. If you are a being of low vibrational energies, you will not only attract lower vibrations, but also transmit your lower vibrations to others. Have you ever heard of the sayings, "misery loves company". Or how about "hurt people hurt people". If all you are emitting is low vibrations/negative energy, then that will essentially be what you receive in return. And the same goes for someone who is emitting high vibrations/positive energy. 

    If I haven't lost you yet, just keep following along.

    I posed a question the other day that I received minimal response to. "What is more powerful, the word or the mind?" 

    When it comes to the words we speak, they are a direct reflection of the thoughts we possess. The words we use to describe ourselves and others, words of love and hatred, empathy and misunderstanding, all of these words have power. Because words are energy, and energy is power. Still with me?

    Nigga is a word. And yes it is a powerful word, but no more powerful than Black, Moor, Hebrew, Jew, smart, dumb, beautiful, ugly. They are words. And yes they are powerful, more powerful than many people would believe. But once again, what is more powerful, the word or the thought? 

    Have you ever stopped to think that it is we, people, who with our thoughts, give the power to these words. With that, should we not be able to remove said power?

    We live with the understanding that certain words (ie: nigga) are filled with such negative connotations because we did not create the perversions of these words that are being used. We, descendants of original people, are not the ones who have decided what we are to be called. We were given all of these names and descriptions we use daily to identify who we are. Words such as African, African American, Black, negro, Indian, and colored are not words that we chose to call ourselves. We simply adopted these phrases from people who told us who we are. I feel it is safe to say that none of these terms were directed towards us out of love for who we are. So why do we use them, and why are some acceptable while others are not?

    I am not here to judge anyone. I know that I am a person, who until recently, unequivocally abhorred the word "nigga(er)". I did not approve of being called one by ANY person, and definitely did not approve of hearing men and women who look like me using this term so lovingly toward one another. But then one day, I stopped long enough to listen to my partner explain what the word meant to him.  I am not going to go into details about what the word means to him, because that is a question that one would have to ask him. But what I discovered is that it is all mindset. What one person may see as offensive, another may not. And this standard applies to every word that WE, as a collective, use to identify ourselves. 

    Personally, I do not approve of nor appreciate any of these words. To begin, the word "Black" was not even initially created to describe Black People of today. Upon researching the etymology of the word, you will discover that this word was initially used to describe those we call "White People". It is almost like they just decided they didn't want to be black anymore. Go figure. When it comes to the term "African American", I do not feel that term even accurately describes anyone at all. First, the original name of Africa was Alkebulan, which translates to "mother of mankind". And it is believed that the name "Africa" originated from a Yemenite chief named Africanus who invaded North Africa. So I guess it is ok to be named after a man who invaded the home of our ancestors. 

    The point is, why is it ok to identify as Black but not Nigga. They both carry negative connotations along with them. What is the real difference? 

    Now, don't get me wrong. This is all my own opinion on the matter. But let's go back to the original point I was trying to make. We give power to words. It is our thoughts and how we feel about certain things that gives it power. If you intend to eliminate the use of one because you do not agree with how it has been used throughout history, then should you not stand to eliminate them all? And if you are not of the mindset that they all should be removed from our everyday vernacular and list of phrases we use to define and describe who we are as a people, why remove any at all?

    See, there are people who hold strongly to a number of these terms and phrases we use. Do they truly align with who we are? I do not think so, once again because we did not create these terms. Nor did we decide that these were words worthy of being used to identify us as a people. But who am I to tell someone what they should or should not call themselves? 

    Unfortunately, these words and phrases are still causing such a divide within our own communities. To be honest, they are doing the job I feel they were created to do- continue to divide people who should have never been divided to begin with. It is a division that seems to be caused by pride for terms that were never truly meant for us. And yet, people continue to belittle and talk down to those who identify just a little differently than they do, simply because they do not agree with how they identify.

    If I call myself a nigga, that does not make me any less of a person than someone who identifies as a Queen (isn't Queen a Eurocentric term also?). No worries, I have no intention of identifying as a nigga, because it is one of many phrases I will not answer to. But hopefully my point is being made/understood.

    Too many people are, simply put, downright nasty (negative) about people who identify in a way they do not. When you get offensive, or negative about how someone else sees themselves, can you take a wild guess how that person will respond? In a nasty/negative/offensive manner. You can NOT expect to tell someone who they are not, and think they will just accept it. That low vibrational negative energy people keep exuding based off of this umbrella of divisive terms the descendants of "Original People" identify as only begets more low vibrational negative energy. Remember, energy can be transferred from one person to another. The energy you put out there will be the same energy you receive. 

    There are so many people in this world that cause such a rift amongst those they should be forming bonds with simply because these people, who look like them, don't think like them. The "Black Man", who takes pride in being called a "King", but proceeds to talk down to his "Brother" for calling himself a "Nigga", will only cause more of a disconnect between him and his brother. In turn, that "King" has essentially done the job of the enemy he claims to despise. Considering one of the biggest and most successful war tactics known to man is "divide and conquer", it seems that this concept should be made more aware to those who keep falling victim to it. Because I find it rather hard to believe that one man calling another (or himself) a nigga is the biggest downfall of all that encompass the Diaspora. 

    I personally know men who call themselves "nigga" as well as some of their closest acquaintances, but they are not causing a divide amongst their own. On the contrary, they are some of the biggest advocates to unity I have ever seen. I also know men and women who consider themselves Gods and Goddesses while looking down at their people. 

    So which is more powerful, the thought or the word?

    "Black People" across this globe are still dying at an exponentially higher rate then EVERY other people. And not because of what they call themselves. We are still prisoners in this society that has deemed us unfit to live amongst those who appear opposite us. And yet we continue to allow the ideologies that were taught to us to rule our thought.

    Remember this, no one person is better than the next. It does not matter your status, successes, or lack thereof. And a group of terms does not determine a man/woman's value. We are all different tribes of the same people. 

    So here is a suggestion. Refocus the energy we are collectively putting into titles, into actually building one another up so high that no title could ever reduce us to less than anyone else ever again. Words have power, true. But the thoughts and energy we put behind such words is more powerful than that which is spoken. What makes that thought even more powerful? More than one mind with the same thought. 

    We are not being exterminated because of what we call ourselves. We are being exterminated because we are allowing tribalism to keep us from truly coming together. We are allowing the power of our own minds to work against us.

    Raise your vibrations. Fill yourself and others with more positive energy.

    I am not saying you are wrong with your thoughts. But consider why some titles resonate more with others in efforts to better understand them. Open yourself to others' perspectives. See things from another point of view. And maybe, when more people begin to understand that ANYTHING that stands in the way of unifying men and women of the Diaspora should be eliminated, then we will be able to see past some of the titles and actually see the men/women behind the titles. 

    It is not the word, but the way we think that keeps us divided. It is not the title, but the energy we place behind not understanding why people hold such titles so dear that keeps us viewing one another in a negative fashion. 

    Do not let anything get in the way of doing what we, as the majority, need to do to recreate the world we are supposed to have. Ubuntu! Anything less is what is causing our downfall. It is not about how you feel. Your feelings about a word, depending on the energy and action you place behind it, has the potential to be more detrimental to a unified existence than the word itself.

    So, what are you allowing to hold more power... the thought, or the word?

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