• Black Utopia Concept

    The Plan 

    -To unify collectively under one mind in order to build a nation of our own.

    What is Black Utopia?

    -A collective of like-minded individuals, whose minds are in agreement under the same foundational principles, sharing the same vision that they see as Black liberation. 

    -It’s the production and control of all of our resources, which includes but not limited to:

    Food, water, transportation, clothing, healthcare, security, education, politics, etc.

    A village where order and structure are present, where we control our own government, we elect our own officials in office who properly represents us, hire police that properly serves and protects us and a military to protect our sovereignty. 

    How will it come to existence?

    By collectively working together in required operations 

    Effective recruiting methods

    Pooling together resources, education, and qualifications to form self-independence 

    Spreading the word of Black Utopia to the like- mined masses

    Collection of monthly dues, sales and donations to raise finances 

    Complete cooperation from ALL Utopian citizens 

    Legal protection from the said government and military protection from alien threats

    Well managed system of government to ensure proper representation and structure

    Putting race first over all petty differences in order to create divine unity amongst us


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