The Declaration of Utopian Rights and Sovereignty

  • The Declaration of Universal Utopian Rights & Sovereignty


    Be it resolved that the descendants of Africa and those scattered across the Diaspora, through the representation of Black Utopia, protest against the wrongs and injustices at the hands of the ruling white class (White Supremacist) and the ruling governing system of the world (White Supremacy), and clearly state what they deem fair and just rights, as well as the treatment they demand from all the nations of the world. We deem the current nations of the world irresponsible and unfit to govern the descendants of Africa and those scattered across the Diaspora due to the past and present mistreatment and misrepresentation of the descendants of Africa and those scattered across the Diaspora worldwide.

    We complain:

    I. “That nowhere in the world, with few exceptions are Black people are accorded the equal treatment with white and non-black people, although in the same situations and circumstances, but, on the contrary are discriminated against, mistreated, misrepresented and in most cases denied common right and privileges due to human beings for no other reason than race and color.”

    “Due to corporate racist practices done by the banking industry such as “red-lining”, we are denied business and personal loans, thus, denying opportunities for economic advancement for no other reason than race and color.”

    II. “In the past certain parts of the United States of America our race was denied the right of public trial accorded to other races when accused of a crime, but were lynched and burned by mobs. And still today, in this current time there are still many injustices against members of our race before the courts of law, such as, unfair trials, alien juries, corruption in the District Attorney’s office, trumped up charges, pre-planned judgments, bribery, obsessive bail, and cruel and unusual punishment and sentencing.”

    III. “We are consistently racially profiled by officers of the law. We are targeted and harassed for no other reason than race and color. We are mistreated, disrespected, beaten and murdered by officers of the law, without any justification for no other reason than race and color. When these racist, unconstitutional acts are done to our race in the hands of law enforcement, little to no disciplinary actions or punishment are given to the offending officers of the law. We are aware that law enforcement are trained to indeed racially profile and attack our race, there hasn’t been any executive action taken to protect our race from the mistreatment, fatalities and injustices from law enforcement.”

    IV. “The European and other alien nations have parcelled among themselves and taken possession of nearly the entire continent of Africa, and the natives are compelled to surrender to aliens and treated in most instances as slaves.”

    V. “In the past the United States of America and other countries although citizens under the federal constitution and in some states equal to the whites and non- Blacks in population and were qualified land owners and taxpayers, however we were denied all voice in making and administrating the laws and were taxed without representation, and through the substantial amount of evidence that we have accumulated through past and current offensives of misrepresentation and mistreatment of the descendants of Africa and those scattered across the Diaspora proves abandonment of our race.”

    VI. “Qualified professionals of our race are denied positions in employment for no other reason than race and color. Petty wages are paid to the “working class” citizens of the United States of American barely enough to survive and live comfortably, forcing them to work more than one job to ensure basic needs are met, thus, over working themselves for little pay. People of our race are given very few hours of work at the minimum rate of pay for almost all of American businesses, and we hereby deem such practices unacceptable for the financial advancement and maintenance of our race.”

    VII. “Urban communities mostly populated by our race are ran down, and designed for us to fail. Populated by majority foreign non-Black businesses, selling unhealthy and toxic products at ridiculously marked up prices, and they practice displaying rude and disrespectful customer service that they show exclusively to our race for no other reason than race and color. These urban communities are filled with drugs, violence, prostitution and all kinds of dangerous and destructive elements due to the extreme poverty, low up keep, misdirection targeted exclusively to those of our race. Since we didn’t create, and don’t control these communities, we herby deem these communities unfit for the habitation of our race as well insulting.”

    VIII. “Our children are forced to attend inferior schools due to the impoverished communities, low budgets, misrepresentation, and corruption in the local and federal government. Higher education and tuition is extremely expensive and too much for any “working class” American citizens to afford without acquiring excessive debt from student loans, also, are required to take unnecessary coursed not obtaining to their chosen profession. Our children grades K-12 are forced to learn non required information in order to excel, thus holding them back from their true potential, we deem this unacceptable for our race.

    IX. “We have never been properly repaired as a race after the barbaric acts that were bestowed on us, the Descendants of Africa and those scattered across the Diaspora, which was done by the European and other countries including the United States of America; thus putting our race at natural disadvantage which is still current and apparent to this day. Neither the Descendants of American slaves, nor the slaves themselves were properly repatriated in any way, causing generational gaps of wealth and resource control between our race and other races, specifically the white race.”

    X. “We are clearly aware of peonage and have substantial amounts of evidence proving that it is still occurring today, which furthermore proves that it is still being allowed, practiced and protected by the United States Government.”

    XI. “We are aware of and denounce poisonous immunization shots, prescription medicines, treatments to illnesses, birth control, food and beverages all regulated by the F.D.A and the United Stated Government, are given and sometimes required for our race to have causing birth defects, sterilization, infertility, sterilization, disease and death.”

    XII. “The United States Government and other Governments have witnessed our people be mistreated in the most horrific way and have done very little to nothing to improve the conditions after marches, rallies, riots and other forms of protest, which further more proves, neglect, allowance and the participation of inhumane, uncivilized, treatment of our race, which deems them irresponsible and unfit to manage our race”

    1. “Be it known to all men that all human beings are entitled to the rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and because of this, we, the duly elected representatives of the Descendents of Africa, invoking the aid of our ancestors and the creators of life declare all men, women and children of our blood throughout the world free citizens and claim the as free citizens of Black Utopia and ultimately Africa, the motherland of all Africans.”

    2. “That we believe in supreme authority of our race and all things racial; that all things are created and given to man as common possession, that there should be an equitable distribution and apportionment of all such things, and in consideration of the fact that as a race we are all deprived of those such things, and consideration of the fact that as a race we are deprived from such things that are morally and legally ours, we believe that it is right that all such things needs to be acquired and held by any means necessary.”

    3. “That we believe the African race, like any other race, should be governed by ethics of civilization, and therefore, should not be deprived of any of them rights or privileges common to other human beings.”

    4. “We declare the Descendants of Africa, where so ever they form a community among themselves, should be given the right to elect their own representatives to represent them in legistratures, courts of law or such institutions as may exercise control over that particular community.”

    5. “We assert the Descendants of Africa is entitled to even-handed justice before all courts of law and equity in whatever country he may be found, and when this is denied to him on account of his race as a whole and should be represented by the entire body of the race.”

    6. “We declare it unfair and prejudicial to the rights of blacks in communities where they exist in considerate numbers to be tried by a judge and jury

    composed entirely of an alien race, but in all such cases members of our race is entitled representation to that jury.”

    7. “We declare that taxation without representation unjust and tyrannous, and should be no obligation on the behalf of the African to obey the levy of tax by any law making body which he is excluded and denied representation on account of his race or color.”

    8. “We believe that any law or practice directed against the African to his detriment and singling him out because of his race or color is unfair and immoral and should not be respected.”

    9. “We believe that all men are entitled to common human respect, and that our race in no way should tolerate any insults that may be interpreted to mean disrespect to our race and color.”

    10. “We believe that the African should adapt every means to protect himself against barbarous practices inflicted on him due to race and color”

    11. “We believe in the freedom of Africa for all the Descendants of Africa, Africa is for the African home and abroad.”

    12. “We believe of the inherent right of the United Descendants of Africa to posses themselves of Africa, and that his possession of Africa should not be regarded as an act of infringement on any claim or purchase made by any race or nation.”

    13. “We strongly condemn the cupidity of those nations of the world who, by aggression or secret schemes have seized the territories and inexhaustible natural wealth of Africa and we place on record our most solemn determination to reclaim the treasures and possessions of the vast continent of Forefathers.”

    14. “We believe that all men should live in peace with one another, but when races and nations provoke the ire of other races and nations by attempting to infringe upon their rights, war becomes inevitable and the attempt to free one’s self to protect one’s rights or heritage becomes justifiable.”

    15. “We protest against the atrocious crime of whipping, flogging, extorting and overworking of the native tribes of Africa and Africans everywhere. These methods should be abolished and all means should be taken to prevent a continuance of such brutal practices.”

    16. “We protest against any punishment upon an African with severity, as against a lighter punishment inflicted upon another alien race for a like offense, as an act of prejudice and injustice and should be represented by the entire race.”

    17. “We further demand free speech universally for all humans.”

    18. “We hereby protest against the publication of scandalous, inflammatory and slanderous articles by alien press to create racial strife and propaganda.”

    19. “With the help of our ancestors and the creator of the life, we declare ourselves sworn protector of the honor, virtue, and safety of our women and children, and pledge our lives for their protection and defense everywhere and under all circumstances from wrongs and outrages.”

    20. “We demand the right of unlimited and unprejudiced education for ourselves and posterity forever.”

    21. “We declare it unjust for any country, state, or nation to enact laws tending to hinder and obstruct the free immigration of Africans on account of their race and color.”

    22. “We hereby demand the governments of the world to recognize our leaders and their representatives chosen by the race to look after the welfare of our people under such governments.”

    23. “We demand complete control over social institutions without interference by any alien race or nation.”

    24. “We declare the colors Red, Black, Green and Gold are the colors of the Utopian citizens.

    25. “We believe that any limited liberty that deprives one of complete rights and prerogatives of full citizenship, as well as corporations paying the employees low wages is but a modified version of slavery.”

    26. “We call upon various governments of the world to accept and acknowledge Black Utopian representatives who shall be sent to said governments to represent the general welfare of the Africans among the world.”

    27. “Be it further resolved, that we as a race of people declare the United Nations null and void as far as the African is concerned, in that it seeks to deprive the Africans of their liberty.”

    28. “We declare that no African shall engage themselves in battle for any alien race without first obtaining the consent of the leaders of the African people of the world except in manner of national self-defense.”

    29. “We protest against the practice of drafting any African in the war.”

    30. “We demand that our duly accredited representatives be given proper recognition in all leagues, conferences, conventions or courts of international arbitration wherever human rights are discussed.”

    31. “We demand reparations from the governments of the world who has in the past mistreated, enslaved lynched, burned, tortured, or participated in any barbaric or deceitful acts done to our ancestors. We demand that all these reparations be paid in full. All white and non-Black descendants of slave holders and traders also must pay reparations and we will exert our full influence and power to get justice.”

    32. “We demand hourly wages no less than $15 and annual salaries no less than $25,000 is for the “working class” and anything less than we deem unjust, inequitable and unacceptable practices.”

    33. “We denounce all and any form of police brutality done to our race, as well as demand the imprisonment of all officers who have murdered people of our race for unjustifiable reasons strictly based off race and color.”

    34. “We denounce all practices of denying loans to qualified people of our race for no other reason than race and color.”

    35. “We denounce the practice of human trafficking and organ snatching done to our race.”

    36. “We denounce the “war on drugs” and view it as a cover up to continue the system of peonage aim directly at our race.”

    37. “We demand free college education for all the Descendants of Africa.”

    38. “We demand decent homes and well managed and safe communities ran and controlled strictly and exclusively by our race.”

    39. “We denounce and condemn any form of interference from any government or government agencies, in efforts to spy, infiltrate, sabotage, our mission, for we do not wish to propose a threat to the security and livelihood of any government. We are a nation of peace, love and unity and do not wish to invoke war or conflict with any nation of the world.”

    40. “We want all men to know that we will whole-heartedly and consistently without any avail contend for the freedom, equality, equity and representation of our entire race with our lives, our fortune and sacred honor; Be it known that any force that attempts to hinder us in our efforts will be met with full force of our Ancestors, the creators of life and the African people of the world.”

    These rights we believe to be justly ours and proper for the protection of our race at large, and because of this on behalf of all Africans of the world, we pledge, herein the sacred blood of our ancestors we herby take a blood oath as a guarantee of the truthfulness and fairness.

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