• All of this is purely academic but... Upon reflection on the blue print to liberation: Liberation of 46 million Black americans theoretically can be achieved by operation within 5 social economical constructs. Security, Finance, Infrastructure, Farming, and Media. History has shown us that two elements are required to build nations and empires. People and money. With 46 million Black folks in america that generate a trillion dollars of economic power those two elements are secure. History has also shown us that leadership has always been present to direct the masses pushing the movement forward. If General Colin Powell were to direct security, Dr. Claude Anderson were to direct finance, Sundra Ryce CEO were to direct infrastructure, John Boyd NBFA were to direct farming, and Byron Allen CEO were to direct media, the leadership positions would be filled with specialist and experts with experience and a record of successful results. History has presented three figures in particular with a record of success in security, economic withdrawal, and economic empowerment. Huey P. Newton was successful in security of the community, MLK was successful in boycotting those outside of the community, and Marcus Garvey was successful in owning and operating businesses for the community. No one can ever fill those men's shoes, however Colin Kaepernick with a minimum of a million followers represents a voice for security in the community, bishop T.D. Jakes with a minimum of 3 million followers represents the black church who in turn represents approximately $30 million dollars annual gross, and Jay Z with a minimum of 3 million followers represents a billion dollar revenue stream thru multiple businesses. If these media moguls were to come to a business arrangement as owners to promote a company that facilitated the CEO's and specialist(all of whom have a combined minimum of 10 million loyal followers) to oversee security, finance, infrastructure, farming and media who would build communities exclusively owned and operated by and for Black folks in america, liberation would be a reality within four years. But this is all just academic...although possible.

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