• People and money.  Every army in the world has depended on those two vital assets.  Black folks in America have been on second class citizen status for 400 years.  If you saw a story in the news tomorrow that an unarmed Black man was murdered by a cop, wold you be shocked?  Would you be remotely surprised? The fact that we as human beings are so casually murdered and it is a normal occurrence needs to make you stop and think about the reality in which we live. Seriously, stop reading this and just take a moment and think about that.  You, the Black man or woman whose reading this.. if YOU were gunned down today by any white person wearing a 'Make America great again' t-shirt no one would be the slightest bit surprised with the exception of friends and family.  And that's the point. We-are-all-family.

    They can't take their country back because it was never their country to begin with.  And we were brought here by force. Now 400 years and endless levels of slavery and volumes of bloodshed later, here we are.  I am sickened at the state we are in right now. Specifically right now. Ten or twenty years ago if I read a story about a group of black folks being turned away at the door to a club because of the color of their skin I would ask myself "Why don't they sue?". If I read that story today I'd ask, "Why don't they build their own club?". 
    People and money. We as a Black community in America generate a trillion dollars of revenue and represent north of 45 million in population in the US. So yes, 'why don't they?'. The fact that I can't go to a Black owned grocery store, casual retail store, or real estate company for my basic needs to live means there is a serious problem. How have we come from literally wearing chains to the days of Garvey to where our lives are so easily taken it is common place?  Our very life and liberty is less than those we live around that don't look like us.. Do you understand that Black man and woman?  this killing each other, this treating each other badly, this division and separatism must stop. This fear of failure to own our own and this complacency that we've somehow made it even though we still work twice as hard and receive half as much for our efforts. How much more disrespect, how many more lives taken must we suffer? When will you look at your brothers and sisters and then look at your bruthas and sistas and make that one decision that we no longer will put up with this?  When will we stop this legacy of genocide and socially engineered conditioned community self destruction?  When will we become fully woke?

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