• When Trump was first elected I posted a blog about him attacking all people of color and it wouldn't be long until he came for us. To the point of a modern day condition that very closely resembled slavery.
    Of course some folks thought I was crazy. During the pandemic there was a point there where more and more Black folks were being harassed, beaten, and arrested by cops for violating social distancing mandates. To the point to where Trump was issuing nationwide curfews in predominately Black neighborhoods that looked suspiciously like martial law while white folks for the most part roamed freely without a care.
    Not so crazy now is it(?). And then something miraculous happened. A Black man was murdered by cops in broad day light and the video of that traveled the world. That's not the miraculous event that took place, that's been going on for like 400 years now. No, the miraculous action that resulted is the world protested. Not just the African Diaspora but everybody.
    Usually when these things happen it's just us and a few allies. But folks in mass..white. folks. in mass throughout the US and parts of europe and latin america even asia were saying, 'this shit has got to stop'. So what happened? Why now as opposed to the last 400 years does anyone give a shit about us? What changed?
    I'll tell you what changed, something that has always been the same but I never looked at it in the perspective as I see it now so clearly: white privilege backfired. You see, during the world wide lock down even though most white folks moved about freely they didn't like being told what to do. The masks, the social distancing, the washing of hands...they didn't want to feel, oppressed. You couple that with the government saying, 'stay inside, or else..' and then Bang, a reason to get out of the house and oppose the government popped up; protesting the murder of a Black man by the police.
    And now everybody has this new found moral obligation to stand up for what's right. They never cared, they just wanted to get out of the house. That's not to say there aren't more newly created allies, that's just to say timing has always played a part in modern day change for the Black community.
    President Obama got elected because the timing of two wars, the tanking of the economy and social arrest allowed him to get elected. Floyd's murder leading to global outrage of the murdering of Black folks in the US was because of the timing of the pandemic which forced everyone to stay in doors and adjust their everyday lives according to governmental mandate. Back in the day Rodney King's beating by cops caused some of the cops to be retried and found guilty because white people got scared of the riots. History is very clear that at a certain point the only time change comes is when white folk's feel that their privilege is being attacked and the established order caters to them despite the benefit to Back folks.
    When Rosa didn't give up her seat the time had come to change the laws. Why? Because King shut down the bus system and there was no way in hell white folks were going to walk the miles Black folks were walking just to get to work.The AIDS epidemic which was manufactured for us backfired when white people start contracting it thru fucking Black folks, then it became a priority to stop it. The time had come to elect a Black man for president because white people's money was being affected. The time to march in mass throughout the country now became important because white people were being agitated by the same laws that were affecting Black folks.
    The rare times when Black folks really changed their own destiny is when the Black Panthers created their own defense and social programs. Or when Marcus Garvey started the manufacturing plants. No white folks had a hand in these operations which is exactly why the FBI got involved to shut them down totally. And they succeeded in doing so.
    It seems clear to me the ultimate strategy moving forward is to create conditions that 'provoke' the occurrence of attacking white privilege, which forces the systemic controls of oppression to release it's grip on Black communities resulting in ownership and operation of our own social liberation.

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