• Chances are if you google '50,000 years ago' the first result will be 'upper paleolithic' aka white folks. Why out of millions would this be the 1st entry, why do you think? They know who they are. And they embrace it. But we go back 2 million years ago.
    Do you do the same?
    L2a1. That's the most common Pan-African Haplotype. Their genetic code is different. There's nothing wrong with being different mind you. It's like you could be a dog person or a cat person but dogs and cats while being both animals are not at all the same.
    The acts that white people are generally known for usually involve what most would refer to as 'evil'. Violence tends to top the list along side hate and fear. Globally. But that's not quite accurate is it? If a snake bites you is it evil? Or is it doing what a snake does(?).
    Treachery. The betrayal of trust. That's evil. When you look at the relationship of damn near everything that was invented in america you'll find two realities; 1)We invented it, and 2)They took credit for it. Treachery. Again I'm not telling you anything you don't know but 'why' are they like that(?).
    It's their nature.
    While most white folks aren't 'bad', all white folks are inhuman. They do what comes naturally. Instinctively. And unfortunately those actions are void of humanity. Now let's be realistic, your average day white person isn't walking around thinking, I hate Black folks (or any other kind of folks for that matter.). But the average white person feeels fear. Intimidation. Less talented. Inferior to a more dominant, charismatic, and beautiful race.
    Jealousy fuels their treacherous acts. From athletics to academics. We were the first, the best, and superior in every way. That unfortunately includes harm to our own people. But even in that, it was tribalism(that have certain aspects that affect us till this day), where as they execute unusual cruelty with what has always appeared to be without reason or purpose.
    And now. Now after all this time. A spark that triggers what appears to be an uprising that they have feared since their taking power they find a conscience. They're changing names of products, promoting individuals to positions, switching out words to slogans, even putting capital letters on words.. acts that should have been done hundreds of years ago. All because one of their greatest traits has been ignited. Fear of a superior race rising up and taking over once again.
    Since Floyd's murder and the consequent actions of progressive change that has been happening lately there have been an unnervingly consistent amount of lynchings taking place all over america. It's not widely covered by the news because, well...you know why. The only thing I'm certain of and need no verification is that; in all these cases the only possible way Black folks are getting caught is because they had that one 'white friend' that they trusted lead them to their deaths.
    Don't misunderstand. I too have white friends. Not a lot but they exist. Now. I've also had white friends that when they invited me to birthday parties and outings I always declined. And I had no problem telling them it's because I would be the only Black person there and I would not be comfortable. Meaning, 'I don't trust you'.
    Sounds crazy doesn't it(?). I'm quite certain those Black folks found hanging in trees these past few months would have told me that. 'Why even be friends then?'? Because out in the open where it's safe they behave. That's why. You will not catch me alone in a place where I don't know with only the trust in this person who 90% of the time has at least one hard core racist friend of their own.
    This is all academic for me. I repatriated back to Africa in 2018. But for all my bruthas and sistas remaining in the struggle: KNOW WITH WHOM YOU DEAL.

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