• Do you know who you are?
    You're more than just a hu-man. You're more than just an Afri-can. You're more than just mela-nan. You are the original man on the planet.

    You're eyes were the first to see the sun.

    Before all others, there was you. The alpha. Before kings and queens, before emperors and conquerors. There was only one ruler. You. And you ruled over every step you took, over all land and ocean as far as your eye could see.

    And then they came.

    And since their presence they have always known the truth and waged war upon us. Whenever I hear about folks seeing a politician or actor or athlete or just some ass that learned how to make a racist tweet say, 'they're trying to start a race war'.. I can't help but to think how we've always been at war. You're just now realizing it.
    But the war is deeper than we acknowledge.

    The war within ourselves is far greater. There are different aspects of who we are that need social reengineering. But the most important one is the acknowledgement of the reality that some of us don't get how this war thing truly works.
    Divide and conquer is one of the oldest tactics known to warfare. We say it. We know it. But how aware are we of it? Do you hate your brutha or sista because of where they're from? What about how they dress? The way they speak perhaps? Yet you'll convince yourself that somehow you're 'correct' and justified in your beliefs. Right?

    I've worked around gay people ever since my first job. I got along with them. cooperated with them. They were usually the 'life of the party.'. And once the work day was done I went my way they went there's. I've never had a gay friend. I've never hung out with them. Gone to their parades. I have no interest in their clubs. That's just not my lifestyle. But if a brutha, or sista, or whatever that looks like me is ready to contribute financial backing or political influence or grass roots organization towards the liberation of our people, I'm ready to work.
    But I digress.

    I've worked with interracial couples before. I have some in my family that have mixed children. I won't be marrying someone who isn't Black. There are sistas who are lighter than white folks if that's what I wanted. Sistas with a slanted curve on their eyes more than asians if that's what I wanted. Sistas with..whatever latin people got going, if that's what I wanted. So why would I marry outside of my race? But if a brutha, or sista, or whatever that looks like me is ready to contribute financial backing, or political influence or grass roots organization towards the liberation of our people, I'm ready to work.
    But I digress.

    I could go on and on, but you get the point. I'm not concerned with who you're fucking, what you're wearing, who you pray to, your politic.. okay if you're a republican, 'fuck you'. Those muthafuckas have been attempting multilevel genocide for a minute. But otherwise I'm not concerned.

    Now I realize that some of you are reading this and are saying, 'nah.' Whelp, you know the whites and the asians and the latinos, and the middle easterns etc. They have folks they hate because they don't marry within the race, or they don't pray to their chosen god or whatever and you know what? They work with each other to maintain unity for one purpose. You know what that is? To oppress you and your 'nah'.

    You're the equivalent of slaves back in the day that didn't want to escape with the other slaves because you had a beef with who you were chained to.

    Right now in Portland Oregon as you read this federal agents(or white men pretending to be) without uniforms or badges in unmarked cars are black bag'n folks, stuff'n em into unmarked black cars and speeding away. This is happening, right. Now. Trump is making press releases how he not only condones but has authorized this action all in response to protest against racism.
    I'm pretty sure if these dudes swung into a Black neighborhood of someone who wants to bad mouth Black Lives Matter because of some other agenda, they would beg a BLM protester to help them if they were being snatched. Wouldn't they(?).
    Oh, then there's the cops. The Black ones that are just trying to get a good job with benefits. You literally work with the people who murder us every-day. I have a friend who engaged in a debate with me about how some cops are good and being as how I'm a stats guy I started ranting and venting about murders and beatings and harassment and 'fuck the police' this and 'fuck the police' that and he sits silently and listens. Then he very calmly and earnestly turns to me and says, 'My dad's a police officer.'. You ever have one of those long awkward silences? That just kind of hangs in the air like a tangible fart that you and the other person just stares at and no one wants to acknowledge? Well, I think my next statement I delivered was a low pitched monitored tone of,

    'fuck those cops, man.'.

    And then we went back to chatting and everything was cool. Why? because this wasn't just my friend. This was my brutha. And we realized that our unity along with every brutha and sista down for the cause was bigger than any type of division that could come between us.

    War is a nasty business. I don't care what you do off the battle field as long as you're in the fox hole with me shooting at the same guy I'm shooting at, we're good. But if folks is shooting at each other in the foxhole, well.. we lose.
    One key component in war is allies. The allies don't look like us. They look like the enemy. Doesn't matter if it was the FOI, the BPP, or UNIA, there were always allies that were there to help out. This is the major reason to accept white friends. Some of these Karen soccer moms are literally using their white privilege to form human shields around us to protect against the tear gas, rubber bullets and choke holds while we protest. That shit still blows my mind how this actually works.
    Simply put, they have access to places we do not.

    They can literally get in meetings we aren't invited to. They can be the face on ads, they can be the reps for our businesses, They can swing a golf club at the fancy country clubs where the real deals are made. All for our interest. In war they also have another name for them, spies. They are a necessary resource. Every war on every continent throughout time they have been there.

    I use to do my own cyber espionage several years ago and hop onto white supremacist sites and watch the conversations. You know what they used to talk about the most? How to pretend to be a 'woke' person on a Black website and cause division within the community. Now a days it's everybody from Trump's FBI, CIA .. russians trying to convince Black folks not to vote or gain political power or just some redneck with a verifiable email account. All of them pretending to be us, so we cause division within ourselves.

    Like it or not the allies are essential. They get sent to the front line first. They won't be invited to any of the meetings. But they can come to the Bar-B-Q.

    True unity means understanding that when in war we ban together no matter what. Those that side with the oppressor to kill us or maintain the systemic institution that disenfranchises us.. or sympathizes with the other who regurgitates propaganda to somehow delegitimize who and what we truly are and have always been, are NOT us. Even if they're sporting the same colors. It's simple,

    Unite or Die.




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