•  Let's get to it..

    Whites push political power as the #1 objective on their white supremacy websites for their own people. Some of you who jump on the  bandwagon and follow the 'what has voting ever done for us?' bullshit, let me be perfectly clear; most of the Black social media profiles that say that, are white people.

    I have no idea how many of them are on this website. Some of these profiles are social media savvy KKK types. There are literally classes just for them that give step by step instructions on how to infiltrate Black websites online. And they pose as the most hotepery hoteps that ever hotepped. They push arguing and infighting with all the community, criticising and putting down everyone who doesn't agree with them. And they push not voting.


     Causing dissention within the opposition is a war tactic by the way.

    They say extreme shit and gain a following of 'like' minded friends and sit on a fake profile for years. Then they get real active when certain issues like voting comes up. In the last 8-16 years russians in particular have been infiltrating all of social media. They pose as super duper blackity black black members to push the 'Whatever you do Black folks, don't vote' agenda. And it works. Some Black folks have just been lead astray, but then there's these mofos...

    Now. Let's get to some common sense. Voting is FREE. It does NOT in anyway harm the Black community. It never has. It never will. So you have to ask yourself, 'Why would any Black person write entire dissertations and have long ass heated debates trying to convince another Black person not to vote?'. Like seriously.. just.. think, for a second.


    More propaganda.

    Some of these profile's questions can be easily answered thru a google search but they're not looking for answers. They're looking for a fight. And as many suckers they can find to fool into not obtaining political power.

    These folks will say, 'Doesn't matter who I vote for they're all puppets'. Look, I like a good conspiracy as much as the next guy but these aren't space aliens looking to take over the world with clones. Or shadowy devil worshippers in secret ceremonies. The reality is the puppeteers pulling the strings are in plain sight. And you support them. Every time you buy a Big Mac or an outfit from Target, or some tools from Home Depot etc. These companies profit off of free prison labour which is a billion dollar industry. Prison labour that's filled mostly with us. Otherwise known as 'slavery'. A system of laws and judgements specifically aimed at us. Voting puts people that won't go for that in office.

    Some say, 'what about Obama, he didn't do anything for us'. Actually, he did. The economy got better for the entire country including us. But in some places govenors (who have the power to do their own thing on a federal level) blocked us from getting the benefits. You know how govenors get into office? By voting them in.


    Then there's the 'democrats were racist against Black folks back in the day' crowd.

     Yeah well you know what? Black folks fought in the confederacy. House negroes snitched on field negroes. What's your point?  Is that effecting elections in 2020? No. Stop the bullshit.

    Let's not forget the Black folks(some celebrities) saying, 'hold your vote'. Don't hold shit if the other guy is going to crater your life while in office. When there are two candidates of the same party we have to be organized. There's power in numbers. Massive organized numbers=voting blocks. When we have those, we don't have to go to candidates. Candidates come to us. Let them know what we want and they get all the votes in our block. Once we get it they get reelected.

    I gotta admit the one piece of propaganda that upsets me more than others is when 'folks' say that the 'civil rights era was a waste'. OOOooohhhh those mutha... You really need to go back and listen to what Malcolm X said in his ENTIRE speech and not just cherry pick quotes out of context. You also need to check out how the Black Panthers later on ran for office themselves to move the community in the right direction. Leave those dumb ass memes which were created by  treacherous white folks and Black folks who don't take the time to learn true Black history alone. Black folks did indeed die so future generations could vote. You're a disgrace if you say otherwise.


    Look at the track record: 

    Martin Luther King  started getting the labor unions around the country organized as a politcal force- they killed him.

     Macolm X returned from Mecca and started organizing other races of muslims around the world into a political force- they killed him.

    Huey P. Newton started organizing the Black Panthers around the country into a political force- they killed him.

     Black Lives Matter continues to gain steam and support worldwide as a political force- they've been killing BLM leaders consistently.


    Here's the thing,

     you have two crusty old white dudes running for political office. One's a democrat, one's a republican.

    Neither of them give a damn about you. If the democrat's elected he focuses on the constituents that look like him and leaves you to your own devices. If the republican is elected  he spends his every waking breath trying to destroy you, your family, and everybody that has a pigment count above three. So common sense, right? Vote the guy in that's not trying to fucking kill you. 


    Now let's go a little deeper. 

    The electoral system the one that counts is based off of slave owner's votes counting no matter how many of the slave's votes were cast. Now a days it's electorate's votes counting for the presidential electorate instead of slave owners. You know how these people become electorates? They get voted in, that's how. When you don't vote for the candidate that you want as the electorate, it's the same as saying you're a happy slave.

    You vote in your local election for the guy that's not only going to leave Black folks alone, but who's also going to vote for the presidential candidate who's going to leave Black folks alone.

    So where's 'the good' in just being left alone?'re kidding right? That's exactly what any 'real' pro Black community wants. So we can build with each other without any interference from white folks, or any other folks who aren't us. 

    That's how Black wallstreet got started, and several other townships that were Black owned and operated back in the day, when Black folks were literally newly freed slaves. When it's just us left to our own devices we 'can' thrive. 


    Consider this,

     this year saw a major push with Floyd's murder in the political spectrum. Corperations left and right felt the heat and started publicly changing racist policies and throwing support around the movement because they could see they were about to lose billions. Politicians sniffing change in the air began changing street signs and pulling down monuments of racist civil war heros, for fear of loosing votes for upcoming elections.

    Loss of revenue+loss of political influence=threat to the power structure. And once you threaten to change the power structure it's all over. And some of you think this is a game. Our liberation is at stake.


    It's as simple as an election. 

    The system is designed to prevent Black businesses, lower incomes and higher tax rates for Black families, raise university tuition for Black students, pay higher morgages and insurance rates, run prison pipelines that trade off the stock market, targeting the Black community since like forever. You know

    who prevents that stuff in some places? Senators and congressmen. You know how they get in office? Voting.

    Now if you're to lazy to get to a poll and press a button then don't come on social media talkin' about how oppessed you are when local governments poison entire cities full of Black folk's water supply. Or when cops are allowed to just murder Black folks without going to jail or losing their job. Or when our Black children are brutilized by school police or have their natural hair cut or they can't participate in graduation. You see, all this stuff is allowed because your dumb ass didn't vote for superintendents, city council, sheriffs, mayors, and everybody that holds sway over you and your family's everyday life.


    Final solutions. 

    We have hundreds of HBCU's in the US. Groom the best and brightest to be leaders. There needs to be a Black national agenda for top leaders in each one. Train them to be ready before graduating and move them thru the system staying on message and executing the agenda.

    It's a nasty business. Politics. I'm not a fan. But we have to be inside the system to make it work to our advantage outside the system. And there, is where we will find true liberation. So wise up. And make it happen.

    It's time to go to work.

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