• I'm working a warehouse job with my brother where half the staff are Black folks from Atlanta and half are white folks from Alabama. When I first started we would have conversations about which white folks put on their hoods when they got home, which ones wouldn't burn a cross in your yard but wouldn't stop their family and friends from lighting it up, and which ones would actually help you put out the fire.
    It's fascinating to walk into a conversation when they are talking among themselves about how they 'didn't know if the election was rigged or not for Trump.'. And then turn around to me and speak as if everything is normal. It really is interesting to observe how 'some' of them will say, 'I'm fiscally conservative but socially libral.'. Which is impossible in the reality that we live in the US. One being connected to the other to the point it actually determines how well the other functions. They pretend as if their politics is a money issue although history consistently shows that every time  a republican is in control the deficit goes up, wages go down and the economy weakens. Some of them just can not admit that the only reason they roll with the conservative party(no matter how vile and despicable their actions are) is because they want to cling on to their fantasy that if the top guy in control is white then all white people are running the show.
    These are the same folks who will say the confederate flag is about pride, and that cops are just doing their jobs. The confederacy was about white folks holding on to their slaves, and the cops were slave hunters who later on became the KKK. That was the men. The female arm of the KKK worked in schools and workplaces to literally rewrite history favorable to themselves and keep Black folks as far away from education, and resources as possible.
    All of this surprises no one of course. But what I can not get over, what sticks in my side like a burning knife is the Black folks that can't seem to just be civil to one another. I was watching the news the other day with body cam footage showing  cops brutalize two Black teens who were sitting in their car at a BLM protest.
    The cops were Black.
    When I hear Black folks at work put down other Black folks on the job. Just petty shit. Like no real beef such as you stole from me, or lied to me, or harmed me or my family in any way, no just.. nonsense. There's this one guy who walks around and bad mouths every Black person there and pretends to be cool with the Black person he's bad mouthing. And sometimes the people he's talking to are the same confederate Trump loving white folks that make more money than the Black folks there who aren't even making a livable wage.
    If you're a Black person who can't seem to get along with other Black folks in a civil manner and get off on drama in your everyday life, you need counseling.
    I watch these videos sometimes of entrepreneurs who give these motivational speeches. I notice that there's definitely rules to this game. The number one rule is positivity. Pure. Overwhelming. Positivity. They discuss how they came from truly harsh circumstances. Worked  their asses off for several years. Mastered the sales game. Got a mentor. Invested in real estate and the stock market. And bang they were multimillionaires before the age of 40.
    They were all white except for one guy. The information is free. They have seminars on this. They have live streaming and social media channels. They share this out in the open and one thing is very clear, it's just for them. They don't bother hiding it because the idea is Black folks don't have the mentality or the work ethic to follow the formula. It's very obvious that they are all conservative. Some go for that 'I'm an independent' bullshit meaning, 'I'm conservative but I don't want to take the risk of alienating any potential business partners by admitting it publicly.'.
    But in the end it begins with pure positivity. An 'I can do it and I won't give up until it's done' attitude. And inevitably they recruit a team of like minded individuals around them to make it happen. These teams grow into staff. The staff grows into a company. And these companies grow into empires.
    Being liberation minded in the 21st century means economically liberating ourselves so we can socially liberate our people. It all begins with positivity. Pure. positivity. Bus yo ass, surround yourself with other go getters, get a game plan and move forward. No time for drama, pettiness, negativity, ignorance, in fighting, or uncivilized behavior. Just work and push. Together.
    It's time to get liberated.
    For real.

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