• I was watching the news tonight and saw a few stories that to some were just stories but for me was somewhat of an epiphany. One story was of a Black youth who stole a car and was stopped by the cops. He jumped out of the car and ran. The cop's body cam showed him shooting the fleeing youth in the back killing him. Another story was of a district that was officially becoming a city with its own zip code. A white man interviewed who was a resident was saying how important it was because his property value could lower and interest rates rise because the 'proper' zip code could not be identified. And two white folks who stormed the capital were allowed to stay at home until further notice. It occurred to me that in 2021 it's not them that's the shame that nothing has changed, it's us.

    How serious are we really?

    What does liberation look like in the 21st century for the melanated community? When I think about the blueprint to liberation for Black folks I always refer back to Garvey's production model, King's divestment model, and Newton's community model. These models have been proven successful and viable as solutions to systemic racism birthed from white oppression. The combination of these models provide a structure of liberation that can be implemented today. There's always the mention of Black unity as being the seed from which these men were able to implement their perspective strategies during their time. As I grow older I become increasingly aware of the mechanics of unity and what that entails.
    The new blueprint or Nu blueprint isn't producing our own goods and services. Not using those outside of the community's goods and services. And implementing independent community programs and infrastructure. These are the successful structures that these men used way back in the day. That's not new at all. The 21st century blueprint is the maturity of dealing with other Black folks that don't share common ideas but do agree on the universal goal of liberty. Or liberation if you will. In other words, working with other Black folks that we don't like.

    Let's take a deeper dive.

    Marcus Garvey is by far my number one go to when it comes to 'the guy' when I think about what could have been, had he been successful in his mission. We would all be in Africa. The Europeans and Asians that are there now would be out. The tribalism would be shredded. And we would essentially have a real life Wakanda.
    The reality is that Garvey was a strong proponent of education(I never finished university). Garvey was a loud and bombastic character(I favor the more stealthy strategic movements). And he did not like light skinned bruthas(I belong to that club), even if they too were Pan Africanist. He and W.E. B. Dubois absolutely hated each other's guts. The reality is, Garvey would not have liked me.
    I appreciate Martin Luther King for mainly one reason. He preached among other concepts not using white folk's stuff. Let them do their thing and we do our thing. When he was able to rally all those Black folks to essentially shut down the public transportation system by influencing Black folks to boycott it, I realized that was a Black man I could get behind. That being said, that integration thing has historically proven to be disastrous outside of political elections. And that whole don't fight back bullshit I will never as long as my ass is Black will ever be able to get behind. That's about the only concept that I don't agree with the BLM approach about. Just allowing yourself to be beaten.. I.. I just can't. The reality is, if I was alive at that time I would not have participated in any of those marches.
    But the warmest place in my heart is for Huey P. Newton. The Black Panther Party as a whole actually. They turned the community all over the country wherever their charters were located into livable functioning areas of Black self sufficiency, education, and development. And they all advocated armed self defense. I mean, Huey fucked up a cop who was trying to kill him and was later released from prison by the 'free Huey' movement that rallied not just Black folks but the hippies and asians as well. My man.  That being said, Huey was a gangster. In the beginning, the very beginning they were all gangsters. Not like that candy ass wanna be rap about how hard I am bullshit today. No. These bruthas was legit 'I will fuck a mutha up on the spot' gangsters. If I was in Oakland during that time, I would not have associated myself.

    And therein lies the maturity factor.

    True unity means keeping your eye on the ball. Despite what your teammates may be into. Garvey wouldn't have liked me, but I would have as many meetings as I would have to, to support and build the UNIA. I wouldn't have marched with King but I would have had as many meetings as I would have had to, to cooperate with the divestment movements from white or any other culture's resources in exchange for dealing with our own. I wouldn't have involved myself with any gang related beefs with Huey, but I absolutely would have had no problem toting a shotgun with a beret on security patrols to make sure these fucking cops wouldn't get away with another murder of my people.
    I wouldn't have had a problem being on the team. Even if I didn't agree with how my teammates roll. Because that's how we win.
    It's time to grow up. It's time to get moving.

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