• My brother was telling me the other day that my next paycheck should be a good one because of the overtime I've been doing. I was telling him that if you pay an elephant at the circus for peanuts and then give him a raise of a bag of peanuts at the end of the day it's still just peanuts.
    We were supposed to go to a Black Business expo yesterday but the event was cancelled until next year. Think about that for a second.
    Instead I went to go place an order for two tailored suits for upcoming business meetings. The brutha who was taking my measurements asked 'what type of business I do', and I told him 'I'm in labor right now but I've registered my LLC, obtained my EIN and built my website but I don't have any clients or staff so I'll be seeking seed money to fund my startup. I'll be talking to the big boys so I have to look the part'.. He said 'have to look the part to get the part so I can play the part.' I said, 'You get it.'.
    I think about the time I worked in a warehouse that was as big as an airport hangar filled with Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein clothes. It was filled from floor to ceiling. And I thought, I'd rather have this warehouse with all this merch with my name on it instead of doing this wage job working for the white man whose name is on it. And for that matter just how many warehouses like this exist that have Black people's names on the merch?
    I was listening to an FOI brutha being interviewed yesterday and he was speaking about old news how the 46 million plus Black folks in the US generate a trillion dollar economy. Which is the 8th largest in the world. While Spain in comparison has roughly the same amount of people but owns twice the land. It really made me think about it in a different way. Some Black folks would actually get mad and argue with you if you told them that. Why? Is it because it's too depressing to think about where we are as a people in the year 2021? Is the pain so deep that the very idea that we could literally withdraw from this country and change the entire face of history for us and every generation to come if we just get our shit together and make it happen too much to bear?
    I was watching an interview last night with this multi billionaire who broke down the difference between rich people and broke people. He was saying broke people have suicidal spending. They pay the interest on the debt where they go into spending debt with credit cards, santa clause, clothes, cars...remind you of anyone? And rich people have investing debt where they start up their own business and win or lose use tax right offs to accumulate wealth. He spoke on how he accumulated wealth by mastering sales, locating and qualifying people in play that have cash, credit and credibility. Investigating their business with 'going concern' that was failing and adding value. Create relationships that become contacts that produce contracts. and forgoing cash payment for equity. Later he invests in real estate and a diverse portfolio and $300 million dollars later there he is. Minted.
    I begin to think what if we as a people had that mentality. Let all the trivial bullshit go that has nothing to do with nothing. No more arguing over pointless ass bullshit. No more trivial in fighting of no value. No more telling lies and misleading others for personal entertainment. Just get on it. Like if only 10% of the Black population did this. And employed the other 90%. Then the number of Black billionaires would grow exponentially. We could withdraw every resource of manual labor and spending dollars from outside the community and sustain inside the community to the point of creating our own stock exchange and spreading the wealth among us. And only us. A new era of humanity would arise...
    ulgh..don't mind me. I'm just talking shit.

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