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  • I asked one of my coworkers what's worse, a psychopath or a sociopath. One will kill you without any cognizant ability of what they are doing, whereas the other will kill you and know what they are doing and do it anyway. That's how they operate. The ones that are just pure evil and mean to do us harm are few. But the masses do harm to us because, well that's normal in america. We're 'supposed' to be in a position where we see in plain sight that things are not equal or fair and it's okay. No empathy. No understanding. And if you actually explain it to them where they actually get how this scenario is all kinds of fucked up, they will continue with the system as is anyway because they are far more comfortable being at the top of the food chain as opposed to sharing a meal. If you get bitten by a poisonous snake and a snake that's not poisonous either way, you still get bit.
    So I got a raise on my job. Doesn't really mean much considering I wasn't even getting paid a livable wage to begin with. That's like saying you gave me some extra oxygen by letting your foot off my neck a little. My boss ain't slick. He told me he was going to give me a promotion as soon as we get more customers. He realized that I work consistently and am responsible but more than anything he realized I'm a problem solver. Nah, I ain't solv'n shit. I could. The  problems they have are simple fixes. But what they've been wrestling with long before I got there I could solve by holding one staff meeting.
     But that's how they got our ancestors.
    You know the ones. All the Black folks who were slaves, servants, assistants, all those folks who created an innovative  idea to make life a little easier for ourselves in the harshest of times and the most brutal of conditions. Working ourselves to death at the hands of the same devil that has not changed his ways for 400 years. And when we create, invent, design and build everyfuckingthing  they swoop in and slap their names on our shit and build generational wealth in the billions for everybody throughout their family tree.
    I witnessed the management staff showing a new hire  (that looks suspiciously like the Pilsbury doughboy) around. He was given detailed instructions, and step by step directions on how to do the job. I never got that. As a matter of fact every brutha and sistah that comes thru doesn't get that. But 'they' do. Segregation in modern america in your face rockin that shit like it's 1955. And then you have the nerve to tell me how much you appreciate my work ethic and you believe I have what it takes to make a good lead. i.e. 'talk to these niggas so they can work the way you do, because we will not.'.
    Nah. I'm good. I'll take the promo for the extra cash but I'm not doin' yall any favors.
    You see it all comes down to worth. You know the original bond market was based off of slavery, right? Our ancestors were treated as property on every level. And just like my job now back in the day those white folks who were not that bright couldn't figure out solutions to easy problems. So they put one of us in charge so we could solve the problems and then they take all the credit and profits from it. Property that literally creates 'properties'.
    If you ever listen to some of these entrepreneurs who give motivational speeches and write books and videos they always mention us. We are the template whether it's sports, arts, or will to survive to achieve greatness from which they draw their inspiration to achieve against insurmountable  odds. They all mention having a purpose to serve others(and by others I mean their own people), that allowed them to achieve their success. Which is why they rule the world.
    It's past time we serve each other for the purpose of our liberation and recognize our true worth.

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