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  • I was watching this video where this guy said we(humans) are the only life form that's aware of it's mortality. Mmmnah. I had a doberman once. She knew when play time was over. Sure her entire life she was happy to see me. She ran freely and did what dogs do. But when she got old enough after so many litters and running around the yard at the end of her life she walked into the forest, laid down and went away.

    I will say that sometimes I hear folks give out an exasperated sigh. I came to the realization that the length of that sigh is directly proportional to the discontent someone has with their life.

    Successful people understand what it takes. What mindset it takes. What spirit it takes to be successful. Some people love to use every four letter word except work.

    I had this conversation with this Angolan lady once who was really into the church. She was attempting to convince me to believe as she does. She would refer to the devil and what he says to stop folks. I enquired if she was referring to the guy with the horns or negativity. She said they're the same thing.

    I find myself verbally talking down the doubt that creeps up in my head sometimes. I realize I sound crazy to folks when I say out loud 'you can't stop me' to myself. But it's quite the opposite. That's how I stay sane.

    I have a purpose that is greater. I have to remind myself that I cannot allow my doubt to be greater than my purpose.

    At the end of the day I have to liberate myself on the inside in order to liberate my people on the outside. And once I have motivated my people to liberate each other to change the entire course of this 400 year history for the entire Black race, then.. I can walk into the forest, lay down and go away.

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