• A Brand -identifying symbol, mark, logo, name, word and/or sentence used to distinguish  a product from other products.
    That's the working business definition of a Brand. 21st century liberation must be sold not taught. And definitely not forced or bullied on our people. You can't shame anyone into joining team liberation. But like a solid investment that everyone needs like food, clothing, shelter liberation must be an idea that our people must feel like we can not live without.
    We who are in the know must be the cool kids that everyone wants to hang around. We must change as a people in order  for our situation in the world to change. Discipline is the road we must travel from the starting point of our goals to the destination of our accomplishment. Everyday we must work harder on ourselves than we do our day jobs.
    We must be aware of our history, current events and the treachery of the enemy but we must stop focusing on it. That shit is pure negativity. And let's be honest, we roll around like a pig in mud in it don't we(?). It's toxic  to the spirit and it is a soul killer.  It's got to stop if we are going to enjoy anything that remotely resembles happiness in our everyday lives as well as a future where we can breathe without the stress of our current situation of internal and external strife. Our people struggle with this undercover depression from the million microaggressions a day we each receive as individuals from this country and each other. We've done so to the point to where we've stopped searching for meaning as a process that will change to just accepting that 'this is the way it is.'.
    It's insane when you really think about it.
    Who in the entire Black race looks to a future where we will as a people enjoy some level of liberation? What percentage of our people can see a brighter day? This is the selling point. This is the brand. And like any successful business we need a successful team who can visualize this future and who's innovative enough to create the action steps to make it happen. The team must be on the same page and then build its members locally, nationally and globally.
    Like any successful business we must focus relentlessly and be aggressively positive about our success. Our success is the profit of liberation and the capital of our people. Not just monetarily but the melanated humanity in our social groups, our neighborhoods, the world.
    One of the top 3 richest men in the world was asked what traits in brand names he looked for to buy stock in the company. He responded he looks at companies that have managers with integrity and talent, facts not emotion, consistently high returns, a working understanding of the infrastructure, shows opportunity, consistency and intrinsic value.
    Now. What do you think will happen when we handle ourselves that way? Not the rich man, but the businesses he describes that he invests in. The world will invest in us. But more importantly our own people will invest in each other. We saw it happen with the George Floyd case, remember? Covid shut everyone in and they were forced to witness a snapshot of what we've been dealing with like since, forever in this country. And then things started to change. Albeit on a small scale of little victories but victories nonetheless. But the brand was empathy. Now we need to sell the brand of liberation. The winning team that everyone wants to invest in.
    Let's handle our business.

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