• Mentalism, correspondence, vibration, polarity, rhythm, causality, gender. That's it, the mysteries of the universe. Originally revealed in Egypt. If you use 'em right you can have virtually, anything. I've been watching these videos of billionaire and multimillionaire entrepreneurs and they all have a very similar line of conversation when they're interviewed. That line is like a chinese fire drill when you're in the know. They use key words like 'transmute' and 'vibrate', and 'visualize'. What's interesting is this isn't some new way of supercharged go getter thinking to become rich. Nope, this is centuries old understanding that they have tapped into and now they are insanely successful. And all that originated with us.
    Some folks get hung up on words. I'm going to use the term 'magic' because it is the appropriate term to be used in this context but if that throws you off feel free to substitute the word for 'belief' or 'spiritualism' or whatever doesn't activate the conditioning you've been taught to prevent you from realizing who and what you are and what we as a race of people are capable of.
    Last week I was listening to one of these dudes, a white guy who drops references to Black successful people every time I see him speak. He's a multimillionaire real estate mogul with a lot of fire and bombast. I listened to him interview one of his colleagues who mentioned one of these motivational speaker types one of the most famous in the world. I surfed the net to find out who his mentor was and listened to a video of one of his seminars. Then I surfed and found his mentor and found an audio of one of his speeches. I couldn't find his mentor but a familiar name was dropped in relation to him and I kept going further and further back.
    Something interesting happened.
    The further back I went the more 'mystical' their lectures became. Antiquated references started cropping up. Eventually I hit a dead end but I knew where all this stuff was coming from I just couldn't prove it. And then I googled the name and freemasonry and the first thing that popped up was  the name and lodge number. Found it. The thing about the masons when they first started was they were all about alchemy. And alchemy dates back to Africa. Where it all began. Where magic and science was one thing. And those in the know, really knew. Some of the so called great Greek philosophers who are vaunted for all their amazing minds got that from taking trips to Egypt and acquiring occult knowledge and mystic secrets. All of which has absolutely nothing to do with the devil or evil. Quite the contrary it's all about obtaining your purest self to reunite with the divine.
    White folks do what they do best. They steal the stuff they like and market it as something new. Yeah right. About 6000 years new. But the law of attraction, and vibration, and positive mental attitude, what you believe you will achieve, visualize what you want  and you will have it, and on and on.. it's all African science. Before religion, before labels and categories and boxes people get trapped in, there was the truth. Once we get back to the truth, we all will be set free.
    And that's the point isn't it? They don't want us to be free. So they convince us that such knowledge is somehow evil and we shouldn't practice it. They give us their religion while they use what was originally ours to get vastly wealthy and successful.. it's sickening. But here's the kicker, that can't stop us. You see in every piece of ancient literature that I'm familiar with, belief will manifest into reality. In other words it doesn't matter your religion or faith based system. Even if it's no faith in anything but yourself. When you truly commit to your belief you will make it happen. That's because we come from something far greater than ourselves. And we can pull from that at any given time. We just have to uncondition our minds to allow that connection to be made and the magic will happen.

    Even in other parts of Africa where Voodoo is practiced with the rituals and sacrifices, we've been conditioned that this is literally the opposite of what it is in reality. A communion with a higher power to empower ourselves. Sure it's a spectacle with the chanting and dancing, but when you look at a Sunday mass where the preacher literally says 'this is the blood of christ' and you take that sip...c'mon now, that's just Voodoo by a different name.  
    At one time there was an entire library of this sacred knowledge but it was burned to the ground by the white folks. Only pieces survived. After that there were manuscripts and literature in books called grimoires that are basically spell books. You cast spells and stuff happens. The most popular one you've probably heard of, it's called the holy bible. One of the most slept on stories but most powerful is when Jesus healed people and they praised him and he would tell them it wasn't him but their 'belief' in his father that healed them. Of Course translations nowadays probably have flipped the script entirely. But as the saying goes, the truth will set you free.
     One of the lessons one of these lecturers taught was surround yourself with like minded people and your combined belief will happen. So you know what that means right? That means we all have to get on the same page. The truth is far more fun than bullshit conspiracy theories and misinformation to lower each other's I.Q. When I watch the news in the morning and see all the Black folks robbing, killing, and fighting other Black folks I wonder if they would act like that if they had someone in their life to teach them from whom they are a descendent of?
    Just as dogs can not have cats, birds cannot have fish, whatever you are your offspring will be you. And we are the first made in the image of God. So you know what that makes us right(?). Know thyself. Vibrate higher. Manifest. It's time to rise. Together.

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