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  • When I first saw the news about the latest young brutha that was gunned down by the police in Minnesota I thought the same thing we all think when this happens, 'damn shame.'. It wasn't until I made the mistake of leaving on the TV where they interviewed the parents did I start to get emotional. Only 'start' because as soon as the mother started speaking I turned the channel. Can't do it. Just can't do it. It doesn't matter what the story is, it's always the same story.
    You know, I always find myself falling into the same track of thinking when these murders take place. I think about how the hell we have time to argue, fight and be trifling with each other when we live in a country where literally anyone of us could be snuffed out and the person who did it would get off with extra cash and fame from all the racists.
    You know what I noticed? How we have been conditioned to go against nature. If you've ever seen a mother in the wild of any animal species protect her children it's a helluva thing. Damn near every animal will face off against the most dangerous of predators with deadly intent. But we as a people have been literally coached to 'ask for calm' instead of exacting righteous vindication for our own children... and we do it. It's pure insanity.
    What's even more insane is we all know that there's only one way this stops. We know it. They know it. And yet.. You know what's really crazy? We wouldn't even have to go there. We could just show a display of force and all this shit would change. I mean think about it in regards to a military action. If in every community instead of protest Black men would move around the cities and towns100 deep dressed in their Sunday best, it would put everyone on edge. And by everyone I mean everyone that isn't us. One of the reasons the Nation of Islam has been so effective over the years is because they always move about in a uniform manner. Neat, clean, and earnest in movement. And when they organize in mass all the white folks get nervous. You know why? It's a show of force. Essentially saying, 'if you fuck with any ONE of us, we will ALL ruin your entire day.'.
    You know what else would be a show of force? If every Black laborer left their current white employer and went to work for a Black owned business. And those that didn't become employees, pulled their money together and opened up their own BOB and created Black job creation for everybody else. When the Universal Negro Improvement Association did this back in the day, folks got nervous. Why would white folks fear Black business people? It was a show of force. An economic force that would potentially run them out of business by withdrawing the Black dollar and creating a Black economic power structure that would financially and eventually socially liberate Black folks everywhere. You see a 9 to 5 is just another form of slavery with financial chains. But a community working together where everyone gets a piece of the pie, that's economic superiority.
    You know what the ultimate show of force would be? If all the shit fathers and mothers that don't raise their children and allow them to grow up to be shit adults would organize camps to train their children in uniform to be disciplined social soldiers. I'm talking about complete Black history and social awareness, weapons training, financial literacy.. can you imagine??  If charters would pop up in every Black community around the country the racist would start coughing up blood.
    Ahh, the Black Panther Party. They were the real blue print for all of it, weren't they? They showed military force with their guns. They showed economic force with their social programs. They showed educational force with their scholastic programs..they were truly revolutionary in every way. And THAT'S the kicker. You see, Huey said it best when he stated the life of a revolutionary means certain death. He didn't seek death out but he realized that it was inevitable. A coworker told me, 'as long as Black folks are afraid to die nothing will ever change in america'. And it's true. The worst part is we don't have to die. But as long as we're afraid to die, we will always be killed.
    You remember when Obama first ran for president? Hope. Change. Yes we can. He didn't just unify the country he unified the world. The biggest global flex since MLK. And he used the same strategy: Uplift. You know why that works? Because uplift=unity.  And unity=power. His first four years I just knew he was going to get assassinated. When Garvey uplifted Black industry they deported him. When MLK uplifted the labor force they killed him. They hated Malcolm X for years but when he came back from Mecca and started unifying everybody no matter what religion he was murdered.
    Aggressively lashing out at your own people with a gutter trash mentality doesn't unify a damn thing. It never has, it never will. But when you have wall to wall positive motivational uplift that catches on. When there's nothing but uplift in the community you see the real ones show their faces and the pretenders show their ass. Uplift is the strongest show of force. And it's long overdue to start showing it.

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