My nephew posted one of the many vids of Philando Castile being murdered today.  He's in his early 20's and stated some facts that I espouse on a fairly regular basis.  That basis being every time a black person is murdered by a cop and the cop gets acquitted.  Mainly two points he stated was 'they need to die' and 'we should leave'.  It's difficult to have to be the voice of reason as a responsible uncle because I live a life of perpetual anger and I might go as far as to say not so much bordering on, as stampeding into hate.  This is no way for any man to live.  So when I hear the words that I speak come from him I feel the need to curtail that for his sake.

    The fact of the matter is that there is only one way this stops. These racist cops must be put down.  It is also a fact that integration has done us no particular favors.  When I make these statements(and I make them often), I don't ignore the facts that although half the white folks(including the latin americans that call themselves white) are racist.  We know this because Donald Trump was elected on a message of pure racial hatred by half the white folks in america.  But then there is the other half.  So while they aren't in any hurry to give up their white privilege they're not exactly going to burn a cross in your front yard either.  And  then there's that select few who will go all out and gun down republicans while they play baseball.  So then there's that.
    The point I made to him which I hope he got was that it's not them.  It's us.  It hasn't been about them for a few years now.  To be exact since we began generating a trillion dollars worth of revenue as a people.  The fact of the matter is that with a trillion dollars worth of revenue and 46 million of us we can have an empire that rivals anything in all of history.  But we all have to be on the same page.  We could have our own police force to serve and protect us, and our own military to track down these murdering cops when they get acquitted and put them down so they do not escape justice a second time.  At the same time we can economically withdraw from every group but ourselves and build our own industry; banks, farms, schools, media, infrastructure, everything.
    But then that's when reality hits.  There are north of 35,000 millionaires in our community and we have the largest growth for households raising their tax bracket to the $250k mark.  These people have absolutely no interest in liberation.  And you know what? That's okay.  Because even if you write off 23 million of these modern day house negroes who believe that their slave ship sails better than the rest of ours there's still 23 million Black folks who would generate half a trillion dollars that would be enough to end 400 years of oppression for the entire race.
    But that's not going to happen either is it(?). No Black person(or at least the vast majority) is going to give up their iphone, or their cable provider, or shopping at Walmart, or going to Mc Donalds, etc. etc. etc.  If we all did we could change this situation over night without one shot being fired.  They would literally come to us and ask what do we want so we keep the economy afloat.  Yes, you read that right.  We have the potentiality of tanking the economy and we don't even use this reality for a tool of liberation.  MLK was able to rally everybody on the same page and they literally invited him to the white house because of the boycotts.  That's the power of collective economics.  But it only works when everybody participates.  And everybody is not going to participate are they(?).
    And then there's the hard truth that no one wants to talk about but we all know is real.  Huey P. Newton knew it.  The Black Panthers were successful at turning him into an icon and generating thousands of shotgun wielding chapters around the country of Black folks who patrolled the police with cameras and made sure that the murders that happen today didn't happen then.  They did happen but the Black Panthers changed all of that.  And when they came for Huey, he did what had to be done.  But no Black folks are going to do that today.  Not even in their own neighborhoods.  Yet, in several inner cities around the country Bruthas will gun down Bruthas in the name of...seriously, what the fuck do they even claim they do it for???!!
    I live these realities. I attempted two months ago to start a small business with two older bruthas that have a hard work ethic, clientele, business connections, and after one meeting they said they were on board to become business owners. By the next meeting one dropped out and then after the next meeting so did the other.  I was a very active participant in an organization dedicated to economic withdraw for the community and we were able to roll out an e-campaign as well as gain new members who would actively participate in future projects.  Some of the projects fell thru and while other media outlets will be taking off(hopefully), the grass roots campaign took a different direction with less emphasis on gaining and actively engaging recruitment. And while several of my ideas to do just that were used the overall idea of building the organization was dropped. There are several Black groups I'm in on the internet one of which I left which was for Black gun owners.  While there was a solid membership of those who advocated for putting down these killer cops the administrators were very much to borrow a term of the 'coon' variety who talked down to those who believed in proactively defending the community.  The head guy used the group to get donations from any and everybody (even though the title was specifically for Black gun owners), so he could open up his own gun clubs which no doubt would probably accept any and everybody.
    So yeah, the reality is that I'm somewhat...well I can't give up on the liberation.  I mean I'm always going to be Black.  But the reality of a unified Black people in america seems...I wont say implausible, but after Dylann Roof murdered those people in that church I just knew that would be the last straw.  But no.  There are still Black folks who are all 'God's plan'..that shit sickens me more than anything. Do you even know what you're saying??!!!
    When CEO of Fox News Roger Ailes died at 77 the only thing I could think of was 'This mother-fucker lived a long hateful racist life which he dedicated to destroying the Black race and is responsible for most of the racist POS in the country now through a 24 hour dose of indoctrinated hatred.  And he was wealthy.  Like super duper rich.  He enjoyed that and now his heirs, heirs, heirs will enjoy it.'  And you STILL have folks who are so conditioned by their beliefs that the oppression they suffer on a daily basis is totally cool with them because...Jesus.
    It's sickening.  All of it.  And I'm tired.  I just recently renewed my lease for 16 months because I didn't realize how much the price for a one way ticket to Ghana has jumped since last I checked.  I hear Accra is the place to be right now.  I think it's the place we should all be right now.  But just mention that to the average brutha or sista on the street and listen to the response you'll receive.  Stay strong Black folks.  Live the best you can. Teach your children that reality can change.  And instill in them the will to unify and end this 400 year cycle so our future generations won't ask, 'Why didn't they do anything?'.

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