Fighting Through the Storm

  • Peace and Love Melanated Family,

    My spirit is heavy today and I feel drained of almost all my positive energy. Of course, you know Melanated People has been going through it for the last few days, my team and I have been working around the clock to resolve the issues as quickly as possible. However, the troubleshooting has been unsuccessful thus far. We have been going hard and we are tired, but we continue to look for a resolution to what is happening. I had to take a short break and get my thoughts together before I ended up in a dark place. I think it is time I address the family and speak my peace to calm my nerves, because I am becoming overwhelmed by the negative attitudes being projected at me and my team by my fellow brothers and sisters.

    My team and I have put almost 2 years in to the growth and success of this website because we see a means to something greater than ourselves and a future for the generations to come. Our mission has and always will be the liberation of our brothers and sisters worldwide, but some days I feel discouraged because of how our own people will turn their backs on us because we don’t meet their expectations day in and day out. I am becoming discouraged by the selfishness of many who only see what is right in front of their faces and what affects them, only thinking of themselves. Never thinking about the bigger brighter picture because they are too distracted by the one dark spot that sits in corner of the painting. Discouraged because daily our actions and the work we put in to making this site great are being measured by what the white man (who take care their own) has done on their sites to be successful, who has shown our people that we will never be on the same economic level as them, and the brothers and sisters whose actions inadvertently cosign these sentiments. 

    The judgmental and harsh criticisms from some of our brothers and sisters that make it seem ridiculous for me to believe that our people truly want to be a part of something great for ourselves, that we all can work together to create something that belongs completely to our people. Our liberation is ours and ours alone. No one is going to give it to us, we are responsible for acquiring and achieving it for ourselves TOGETHER or not at all. 

    As a people, we have a long way to go to get to our liberation. We don’t trust one another, because we were taught not to. We don’t know how to speak or engage one another, because we were taught to be combative towards our brothers and sisters. We don’t know how to work together, because we were taught to only worry about self. We don’t know how to celebrate each other’s success because we were taught the crab in a barrel mentality. When do we self-evaluate and change the way we were taught? When do we stop being the white man’s successful lab experiment and become the people they fear the most? When do we unite and grow together amongst ourselves? When do we go back to being great? 

    As a single Melanated mother of four beautiful young princesses, who motivate my continued loyaltyand faithfulness to my own race, they and everyone in their generation, need this liberation to happen so that they will not have to depend on the white man for anything. They will be able to go to their elders to be taught new skills that will help our communities to thrive and continue the success that our people are trying to achieve in this lifetime. They will be able to gain sustainable employment in an economy that is successful because of the actions and goals achieved by our people today. They will strive to be entrepreneurs themselves because we have created the path and showed them the way. Our endgame is MELANIN STRONG!

    Before I go let me ask you a question, are you for your people’s liberation or are you for your own personal liberation only? 

    Regardless of your choice, I will still love you because you are my brothers and sisters. We are all we got!

    I want to say thank you to everyone that has been patient with us as we are working through these site issues to get the site and the mobile apps back up and running. You don’t know how much it means to the team to have you stand by with positive energy as we deal with these issues. Myself and my team are forever grateful for the positive vibrations you bring to the collective growth of the site. We apologize for the terrible inconvenience and hope to have everything straightened out as soon as possible. 


    Nelle Topaz

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