What is the Best Way to Fight Disease?

  • What is the Best Way to Fight Disease? Understanding the Immune System

    April 4, 2017|

    Carol Organic


    The body defence mechanism is what is known as the immune system, it defends the body against the numerous bacteria and viruses in our environment. For as long as the body has a good functioning immune system, these bacteria, viruses and fungi have no adverse effect on the health of the individual. The immune system has what are called defence cells and chemical weapons, these are antibodies. It is these two parts of the immune system that keep the potentially offensive organisms at bay. If an individual fails to keep the body supplied with essential nutrients, then bacteria and viruses get the upper hand of the defences and produce diseases in our systems.

    Diseases only become incurable if it is left far too long untreated until body tissues become destroyed beyond repair. In other words, all diseases should be treatable using natural sources of nutritional supplements to make up the deficiency.

    Clinical experience shows that all deficiency diseases can be reproduced in the body if the nutrient responsible is withheld from the individual. However, as I advocate ‘prevention is better than cure’, consuming a nutrient dense diet is the best way forward for disease prevention. Should the body already be in an unwell state then natural bio sources of nutrients are beneficial to the immune system of those with arthritis, diabetes, asthma, lupus, cancer and viral diseases like HIV/AIDS and hepatitis.


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