Emotionally Bankrupt

  • This is insanity, mental bullshit..physically chaotic

     Plots in my mind, alternate endings..I think I need a drink


     Moet would be nice, a shot of Hennessey even better

     But that would fog my mind, make me lose control....

     Nothing more intoxicating than a black man, damn I'm trippin


     The shape of his lips and he laughs to hide his fears


     The strength of his back as he walks away..

     Leaving me fucked up, I can't listen to my mind when my emotions

     are pulling rank

     My legs are sore, my nipples ache, the aftermath of his love?

     I hear keys jingling, the door creaking open

     No, that's the alternate ending

     I wonder how he will leave her...two women out of control and we

     both are emotionally bankrupt

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