if loving you is wrong part 2

  • After the work came the initial introduction. I was very creative in my approach because I was in fact on a so called date with someone I was going to block as soon as I got out of the car. 

    I walked by him and I touched his arm be leaned in and I said follow me. We met by the bathroom and I said give me your number. He took my phone and he put his number in it and pressed dial so that he would have my number too.

    I walked back to my table using the opposite route he took to avoid what would happen next.My date watched how he kept looking at me and went over na told him to back off because I was his wife. I was completely unaware until I didn't see king anymore. I wanted to say my goodbyes to him but he was no where to be found. As I made my way back to the exit I saw him leaning against a wall smoking a cigarette. He saw me and he told me stay away from me I know your married. I busted out laughing knowing he had it wrong. So I asked him where did you get that from? He replied your husband just told me. After several minutes of laughter I told him there was no way in hell I would be married to that guy. I had only been in Kenya four days and I came single. 

    King didn't believe my story and he had a major attitude so I walked away...

    1. Think about who you spend time with 

    2. Choose your timing 

    3. Recognize how people respond to you when they have reason to doubt you.

    1. I knew I didn't like the guy I was with it was a total was off my time but boredom and the need to be around people made me second guess my initial feelings. That guy was sabatoging me at it was the first date.

    2. If your going to try and hook up with someone else at least wait until your free to do so. This could cause you less drama.

    3. The way King responded to me telling him the truth was his normal way of handling things and I unfortunately would learn the hard way. So watch closely how people respond to you and others 

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