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I Don’t Need A Man


    "I Don't Need A Man? 

    Today there's a very significant number of professional Black women who have positioned themselves for success with BA's, MD's, as well as PHD's.....but unfortunately, 70% of them are still without the more elusive title: 

    I’m not imploring that marriage is for everybody. 

    Besides losing hordes of Black men to women from other races, besides losing Black men as a result of the 1.1 million Black men who are currently incarcerated, and besides losing Black men to the down-low(homosexual) lifestyle as well as the ever increasing homicide rate among Black men today, there are other major factors that are keeping more and more Black women single now than ever before.....

    Have you met this queen?

    "Why Am I Single?"


    She has a great job, works very hard and she earns six figures annually. She has NO children, she claims to be baggage-free, and she's in total control of her own life. She went to college, studied very hard to obtain her degree(s). She's very attractive, very intelligent, very personable, articulate, well versed and seems very interested in everybody and everything........But yet she's SINGLE!


     Or maybe you know this woman



    "Lord....Why Am I Single?"


    She's very active in the church. She's very faithful and totally committed. She sings in the choir, serves on the usher board, and attends every church function and every committee meeting. She Loves the Lord and knows Scripture. You'd think that with her keen knowledge of the Scriptures and the respect of her church members she'd have a marriage made in Heaven......But once again, NO HUSBAND!  Pastor fodder....



    Or how about the community activist?"Of All People, Why Am I Single?"


    She's a Beautiful Nubian, or as she would prefer you to call her, a Strong, Independent, African woman on the move. Let me put this out there, I don’t buy the strong black woman concept, if she had a strong territorial black lion she would have no need to be strong except for the family unit.  Even Eurocentric super woman has periods and gets cramps, she also takes days off for your comic book adventures.  She may be sportin a short natural; or sometimes cornrow braids or locked hair. She's a wonderful community organizer, a great motivator and a cultural dynamo.


    Her work for Black people speaks volumes for itself--organising women for self-help, raising funds for a community cause and educating many others regarding new political, economical and social needs in the surrounding neighbourhoods. Many Black folks look up to her while white folks know she's a force to be reckoned with.....But again, this quality African woman is NOT MARRIED!


    "What do ALL of these women have in common?


    These Sistahs seem to have so much going on for themselves; so what could they be lacking? Why is it they may be able to hook a man but neither of them can seem to hold a man? A great multitude of successful, single and seeking Black women today (70%) ponder over this question on a daily basis.


    They gather at beauty salons, fitness centres, singles retreats, women's blogs and together over a cup of coffee at the office wondering...... 



     "What's wrong with Black men?"  Bunch of dogs.... great..... I say


    They hold special prayer vigils and fast and pray and beg caucus sodomite  Jesus to send the Black men back to church.  It’s full of colonised brothers. They may occasionally experience some quality Brothas attending Church functions, political rallies, or participating in protests and or other community functions, but when it's time to go home, those quality Brothas all go home to someone else.



    After asking over and over again "What's wrong with Black men?" It never ever dawned on many of the above Black women to ask themselves....



    "What's wrong with us Black women?"  Look Mary j bridge been blaming us for all types about looking in the mirror Mary...



    What I have found out and what many of today's Black women have yet to discover, is that....








    Linear thinking, self-reliance, structured goals and direct actions on getting the job done, whether in organising the church, promoting social club activities, or placing oneself in a position for a raise or a promotion...."ARE JUST THAT!!" 


    However, relationship-building requires a whole different set of skills and requirements altogether. It requires making decisions that are NOT only gratifying to you, but also making decisions that are very satisfactory to your partner as well. Black women it means that sometimes you may be required to do the things that will keep the peace rather than achieve the goal. And sometimes it may even require you to take the high-road and create the peace in the first place.


    Maintaining a harmonious relationship will NOT always allow you to take the straight and narrow road between two points. Sistahs, sometimes you may have to stoop in order to conquer, or sometimes you may be required to yield in order to win. 


    Does this sound weird? Some of you have the bar set so high due to previous failings  that it is impossible for us to jump, climb or pole vault that far up in the air.

     I do believe we measure equal yoke wrongly and attribute it to finance, transportation, homes etc.


    The saddest thing regarding many Black women today is that many of them have been mentally conditioned by white woman feminism and mainstream society to embrace a very destructive, anti-man attitude.


    By that I mean feminism has taught most of them that in order to be "PRO-WOMAN" they have to become "ANTI-MAN". Feminism has also mentally conditioned multitudes of Black women today that a woman (namely a self-sufficient, professional Black woman) is weak, oppressed and very passive to a man especially if she makes a conscious decision to take good care of him in the more  traditional ways that most women were taught to by their (traditional) mothers, grandmothers and or aunts in the past.  I’m not one for gender roles but it’s a fact....


    In other words, professional or career-oriented women today who strongly desire to learn how to cook for their husbands and who strongly desire to take very good care of his home as well as his children in more traditional ways are frowned upon, and in many cases scorned by today's contemporary feminist Black women.


    Traditional Black women today (professional or nonprofessional) are classified as being weak, passive, old-fashion and very outdated by modern-day feminist Black women. They are NOT classified as strong, nor are they considered independent. 



    Today's feminists foolishly believe something is definitely wrong with wanting to be a "traditional" family-oriented Black woman.


    Black woman, in too many cases when dealing with Black men you will have to sometimes sacrifice being right in order to enjoy being loved. 


    For Example: Being acknowledged as the head of the household is an especially important thing for many Black men today since their manhood is actively challenged everywhere else. It does not matter to him that you earn $3000more a week than him. Not at all!!!


    Unfortunately, many modern day, "single and seeking" Black women have been mentally conditioned to automatically claim head-of the-household simply because they earn a few dollars more a week than their male companion. As a result, many of these same Blackwomen incite catastrophic power struggles with their men on a daily basis. And because many Black women today embrace that destructive (feminist) mentality, many of them fail to sustain healthy relationships.


    As a result, most of them go on to become so independent, so self-sufficient, so committed to the cause, to their church, to their careers and even to their own narrow individual concepts that their entire personalities project an:




     So they end up without one!!!!  So they switch their sexuality.  I’m not against Bi sexual women just don’t label us and stereotype us because of a bad situation you have experience.  Bi with an agreement is the way forward with boundaries.


    Sistahs, most interested Black men today would be a complete fool NOT to be attracted to your feminine qualities as well as your career goals and aspirations, but he will soon discover that you make very little space for him in your very hectic, self-centered, fast-paced-lifestyle.


    Going to graduate school is a great endeavor and an alternative that previous generations of Black women did NOT have the opportunities to fulfill, but unfortunately, today, most achieving, career-oriented (Black) woman will mistakenly place her man so low on her list of priorities that his interest in her begins to decline very rapidly! 


    Between work, home and school, she's seldom "there" for him to fulfill the very important preliminaries that may solidify his lifetime commitment to her.


    She's too busy to cuddle (I love a good cuddle), spooning, foot between mines and I literally want to crawl into your skin especially when it’s cold, and or perhaps to watch a movie, or to prepare him a decent home-cooked meal, or to express her genuine love and appreciation for him, or to be a listening ear for his concerns simply because she's so "preoccupied" with her own. 


    Ladies, knowing how to "BALANCE" your time wisely is the key to keeping any good man's interest while at the same time accomplishing your career goals.


    Professional Black and non-Black women who are very happily married to Black men today can attest to this irrefutable truth.


    "All I Am To Him Is A Sex Receptacle!" 


    This is why it seem like most Black men today are only around for uncommitted sex. It seems that way because to him she appears unavailable for everything else other than sex.  Sex is a chore, making love is scheduled and it’s always an excuse, tired, head hurting etc not saying a relationship is based on intimacy but it plays a huge role.


    Blind to the above roles most Black women play in their relationship problems today, it's much easier for them to think that all "Black Men are only out to get one thing", then foolishly proceed to fail an entire race of men by declaring that "ALL BLACK MEN ARE NOTHING BUT DOGS!"  

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