The Chi Episode 1 Season 3 (my thoughts).

  • A lot of great things to say about the season 3 premiere of The Chi. I thought Lena Waithe and the rest of the cast behind the scenes did a wonderful job at not changing the show's essence with the lost of two key characters (Brandon and Jerrika). It seemed like it was a bittersweet, with a little more sweetness type of ending for actor Jason Mitchell who played Brandon, the protagonist of the series for the last two season. I say this because usually when actors are kicked off a show due to drama outside of the show, the show creators usually "do them dirty" or they replace them with someone lighter and act as if no changes to were made. One could argue the show writers killing off Jason Mitchell's character is them "doing him dirty" but if you watched the ending of season 2 you'd know Brandon was going to turn Douda and his "organization" to the feds. The only two options to ending Mitchell's character was to kill him off or have him go away. If he told on them Douda and the others would have gotten arrested while Brandon is tucked away in witness protection. Other plots that could have been explored are Brandon not telling on Douda, taking the wrap and going to prison for an extended period of time longer than the series existence. Another route could've been Brandon going to prison and either dying in via suicide or him being murdered. Whatever ending to Brandon you would have wanted if the show didn't get it right with you, Jason Mitchell wasn't going to be seen on the set in the flesh amongst the other cast members, especially the women he allegedly was sexually assaulting. 

    Bitter sweet, with a little more sweetness.

    I don't think the show writers did Jason Mitchell dirty. His character had a powerful and somewhat positive send off and I don't think it'll be the last time we'll hear the name "Brandon" on the show. We just won't be seeing him outside of obituary pictures. I for one didn't dislike the way they portrayed Brandon because he really was a great guy. I am glad that the show doesn't seem like it needs him in order for it to continue to be a hit. I think Lena Waithe is finally going to tell the stories she wants to tell while balancing it out with the various plots that were already established prior to season 3. I will admit, when I first saw the previews of this season a few months back, I was doubtful, a little bit. I honestly thought it was going to be the all black/hood version of Stranger Things, but instead of dodging demogorgons the boys are dodging bullets. That's still a possibility, but I don't think the entire series will turn into that, so I'm satisfied with what I watched. 


    • Keisha was obducted and is being forced into sex work. 
    • Douda killed Brandon or had him killed. 
    • Ronnie was the last person to see Keisha and is eithet going to get blamed for her disappearence or will make it a mission to help find her so he can clear his name with the community. This one here is a loose thought, but if it comes true, run me my money! 
    • If Jerrika is really off the show because the actress who played her left due to the numerous negative altercations with Jason Mitchell, they write it as Jerrika moving out of Illinois. She "moved on up" as they say. 

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