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  • It's not that I haven't been keeping up with The Chi, I just didn't have much to say about the recent episodes, until now. This last episode was the first time this season I felt this show was going in a different direction after the departure of two main characters. I'll get into that later on in this post. Right now I want to get into my thoughts on episode side titled "Terror City." 

    Terror City was a roller coaster ride for me and not in a "wee woo" type of way. It was a ride that looked like it was going to to be a wild one but ended up being little leaps here and there. I'm in a weird space with this episode because I don't dislike it but I don't like it, but it has its moments. Let me not burry the lede, Keisha's almost sweet escape. The ending was horribly written like a white horror movie. Black people don't trip and smell the fucking grass and rejoice when we escape captivity. We keep running until we Harriet Tubman tells us to stop. I'd blame that "fancy" high school she goes to being influenced by white peers but all I've seen at that school are black kids, so Keisha being "white-washed" is not an excuse. The only other excuse is bad writing which happened all throughout all over this episode. 

    What else was bad?

    The faux-deep bougie black vs. "hood" black "dispute" that's going on between Jake and Jemma. Sure, he needs to stop calling her a bougie bitch, but she was the darkest snowflake I've ever seen in this episode. I love her character, but she isn't always right, yet the show writers want us to believe that she is. That she's smarter than everyone on the show just because she's rich and goes to a good school. Someone told me that she reminded them of me, and I'm offended because I don't ever want to be so self righteous I'm basically telling other black people to "be less black" because we're in a space surrounded by white people, as if doing that is going to sway the minds of racist whites anyways. Jake was right when he said he doesn't care about what those white folks think. Anyways, Jemma being so "pro-black" but afraid of black people not in her dad's tax bracket is what's wrong with the bougie blacks a.k.a brunch boots blacks. It's normal to be scared of shady areas, no doubt, but I felt like she was raised to look down on blacks like Kevin and the only reason she gravitated toward him is because she can see finds him less threatening. "One of the good ones." *intense eye roll.* 

    You know we're living in crazy times when I think Lala acts better than Kandi Burruss and in this episode she (Lala) outshined Douda as well. In regards to Lala, she's been consistently good since her first episode. Emmitt continues to be my favorite and sure, he should've told old dude bout his side hustle, but it clearly was a good idea. It brought in more money for the business and it is making him and Lala (calling her by her off-screen name cause I forgot her Chi name) a lot of money. What businessman is going to be upset about making more money, especially if he isn't doing anything wrong? Old people be trippin sometimes for nothing. Douda was bad this episode. How the hell he go from being someone I wouldn't want to run into to some politician with softer feet than a sheep. The man who played Brandon is allegedly a piece of shit, but Douda and a lot of other people needed Jason for their characters to be their true selves and that is the change I started to notice while watching this episode. Douda doesn't feel naturally threatening and I don't think the show will ever reveal that he had something to do with Brandon's death. I think after episode two they laid his character to rest after literally doing so and because of that I feel like more characters (the detectives) have been dropped from the show because of their close proximity to Brandon and Douda is a cornball politician who kicks like a fish, now. Safe to assume Brandon's mom is a goner as well. Outside of Douda, those other changes don't bother me. Lastly, Jake running to Trig because the site of Douda Heel toeing all over that man scared him that much. That footwork was scary, but come on now. You mean to tell me a young man who's seen niggas get shot and gun violence in general is afraid of a rhythmless tap dance? Come on, now. I'm being too nit-picky when I mention this and maybe the other gripes I had with this episode, but we're here now. I thought it was extremely corny that Ronnie heard a girl screaming and instantly knew it was Keisha's screaming. A girl he had never interacted with until that scene where he walks by her at the bus stop. She doesn't scream or speak to him so he has no idea what her voice sounds like, how the hell he knew it was her? It aint the screams being heard that got me, it's him knowing. Had he just said screamed "hey!, Who's that? Who's there? Where are you?" or "I'm coming!" that would've made so much sense. Who write this show? Yeah, I made my mind up now, I disliked it. 

    Here's my favorite part of writing these reviews, my predictions. You can go back to read my first post about The Chi to see which one my predictions showed to be true, here's some more that might come to fruition. 

    • Trig is going to get popped. Don't think that will be the end of Imani,  but I don't think Trig (played by Luke James) is going to be a show regular moving forward. Them 63rd Mob dudes going to get back at him for rolling up to them for Kevin. That for sure is going to cause a big riff in Kevin and Jake's relationship seeing as Kevin was the one who asked Trig to go that trap house and inquire about Keisha. They're already beefing because of Jemma, now Jake is going to lose another brother and will have to stay with Douda who will probably go back to being the black devil I feared and loved on some abusive father type shit. 
    • As I stated before, RONNIE is going to be the one to find Keisha and I'm doubling down on that prediction. You saw I was right about her being abducted, wasn't I?
    • Clearly Poppa's Pops isn't the "pure" Christian man, he wants the neighborhood and his son to believe him to be, but that could've been predicted long before this season. 

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