The Bird App Blexit.

  • Now more than ever is the perfect time for black folks to leave white social media platforms and join places like this, "WeGotUps" and "Black Planet." That's if you actually want to see black people loving one another and advancing the community, and with the rumors of Twitter looking to charge people to use the platform, why shouldn't black folks who aren't self-hating, divesting, Zaddy worshipers leave the app? What self respecting black man is going to pay for an app to see people constantly calling them trash and "bullet bags?" What self respecting black woman is going to pay to use an app where lost zaddy worshipping black women call her a "pick me" because she respects men or even worse, loves and respects black men (yikes, right?). 

    As someone who is on "Melanated People" and "WeGotUps" I can tell you that I see NONE of that anti-blackness from black men or women on these wonderful platforms. I assume Black Planet is the same. Protect your energy while elevating your people and make that switch, today.

    And to all of the tap dancing self-hating sellouts reading this, keep your black ass on Twitter and other non-black owned social media platforms. If you do come to OUR territory, you WILL regret it. You could have been included in the our but you made your choice when you decided to be the scum that ruined black twitter the moment you arrived with your demon energy. You WILL NOT get away with that on the beautifully unapologetically black sites, nor will you be able to call on zaddy for refuge. You made his bed, now lie on the floor in front of his bed while his dog and sister lay in the bed comfortably. The bed that you make for them every day. 

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