Don't Let Them Deny Me

  • Early this year the House of Representatives quietly introduced a bill.  HR 620 is their attempt to pander to brick and mortar businesses while removing the protections of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  The ADA was introduced 27 years ago.  There is no reason why after 27 years of notice businesses still need time to become compliant.  What makes this bill all the more terrible is that it puts a block on any personal claims a disabled person may have for 4-6 months.

    Here's how it would work: I get to your business and realize I cannot patronize it bc, not accessible.  I have to notify you of the problem (that's fair) but, then I have to wait a period of time and give you a chance to say you will fix it (fair).  But the bill doesn't actually say you need to fix the problem.  It says that for those 4-6 months, I have to wait for you to tell me you are going to fix it.  It doesn't say you have 4-6 months to rectify the problem or even begin. No, just have to tell me you will.

    This bill is dangerous because it essentially gives businesses a pass on what's legally required of them.  It puts the onus on the disabled body to know the ADA and this amendment almost inside and out.  It shifts responsibility from the business owner to the aggrieved.

    Contact your reps and tell them NO to HR620 - please, for this melanated disabled body and others like me.

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