The dominant society is actively exterminating our people as we speak. Black people are being killed, abducted, mass incarcerated, surgeries go mysteriously wrong, the gay agenda claiming our men and Blacks are killing themselves (Gang killings and Abortions, for example). Blacks have the highest population of single mothers in the country, so having done a lot of research plus speaking directly with people in Polygyny marriages, I now see polygyny marriage as a viable option that can be used as a tool to rebuild a stronger Black community.


    Some wouldn't share food with a homeless person, so their mentality won't allow an environment of sharing in any way. They are the selfish, me me me types where everyone and everything revolves around him or her. If you're a female that's not about sisterhood and creating a supportive unified home environment where it takes a village, then Polygyny may not be for you. If you have 3 or more children or don't want any children, Polygyny may not be for you (Note: There are Polygyny families that have non-bearing sister-wives). If you have teens that influence your decisions or they are disruptive, Polygyny may not be for you. If you believe Polygyny is nothing but an orgy, it's definitely not for you. I was once of the thought that polygyny was an orgy, prior to my research, but now I am enlightened. If sex is your top reason for entering a relationship or jealousy and envy are issues for you, Polygyny may not be for you. If you think men in Polygyny marriages are pimps or they are having their cake and eat it too, research Polygyny more and speak with Sister-wives to get firsthand information.


    It is an alternative lifestyle - the Poly-Life. Although it is gaining popularity, there are many defenders of government marriages that actively attack anyone that put out positive information about the benefits of Poly-Life. However, Poly-Lifers are growing strong in the United States among Blacks, Whites and Hispanic communities. There are over 50,000 Poly-Lifers and growing.


    Polygyny is a marriage platform very similar to a monogamous marriage - same rules apply, but much better. It's Monogamy 3.0. Here's why. In modern day Polygyny marriage, you gain 2 or more additional household incomes and additional help for managing the children and their schedules, household chores, and even running a family business. As Brother Polight famously states, "In Polygyny, love is law and family is business."


    Polygyny marriages are no longer reserved only for African Kings and Rich men like the late Huey Hefner in his Playboy Mansion. Now the average guy that works, have a good character, is a good communicator and listener, is resourceful and respectful toward women, can be a good husband in a modern day Polygyny family unit. I've even heard of 2 females that are good friends, selected their husband together. Potential sister-wives are non-gay females that value sisterhood and desires a home environment where love, respect, support and shared responsibilities are the top priorities.


    The divorce rate for government marriages is at an all time high and even more in the Black community. Extra marital affairs (chronic cheaters) are the number one reason for the high divorce dilemma. Cheating is very common among men and women in this country. What's worst is that the wife or girlfriend have no idea of the kind of woman the side chick is, her lifestyle, her health status, her eating habits or how many other men her man's side chick is sexual with on a regular. Sister-wives, on the other hand, know each other and have bonded as a family unit. They know each other's health status, eating styles, and hygiene habits so these facts make Poly-Life  much safer than monogamous ones. In Poly-Life, all adults look out for each other as a family, not just friends which makes for a more stable environment. The key is for everyone to agree and build righteously, I'm all for it. How many times will we keep getting in and out of relationships because of cheaters? Polygyny makes better sense for most people and men definitely don't want 3 Sister-wives angry at him.


    The Poly-Life is a good thing, so we should remove the negative stigma unfairly placed on it and stop judging those that see Poly-Life as a viable option for them. This society accepts gay marriages but still look stupid if they learn that a man has several wives. This is 2017 and people are still saying ignorant things like the sister-wives are weak women that are being pimped or they assume the sister-wives must be gay. These are old stereotypes socialized in our minds by the Media to steer people away from building great Polygyny families. It is best to research Polygyny for yourself.


    Polygyny becoming more acceptable among our people means less single mothers and single females that are vulnerable to attack by evil oppressors; a surplus of women versus our men, Polygyny balances the equation; having 2 or more Sister-wives in the home means more intelligence to navigate life and family business matters; having multiple wives discourages extra marital affairs; and having three or more adults working on specific financial goals means greater stability for the family.


    Polygyny creates a healthy environment for pre-teens. They gain the wisdom of 2 or more mothers with different life experiences, life skills and attributes that can be helpful in preparing them for life. The little ones can now be home schooled by the sister-wives.


    The opportunity to build a strong family or a village-style alternative lifestyle is offered by the Polygyny option. If the Poly-Life is not the lifestyle for you, it's ok. The Poly-life is definitely not for everyone.  However, the alternative #Shared lifestyle is growing with over 50,000 thriving families in America. Awakened  melanated people shouldn't judge those that embrace the Poly-life. These type of families make our racial group financially stronger as more of these families are formed. What's more?  It is a true marriage that should be accepted and respected as one's own choice and not be negatively judged by the rest of us.

    It is not my mission to convince everyone to join the poly-life, however, I do believe the Polygyny marriage platform can help the Black community.  Unfortunately, the opposition (defenders of the government state marriage system) have a lot of people convinced that only monogamous marriages work, but we all know it is not working for most of us, right? The Poly-Life is where the possibilities are endless.


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