Polygamy for nation building

  • WHITE ME-DIA: The reinforcement of European ways of thinking and living to destroy our culture and to suppress ancient facts passed down and implanted inside our DNA by our Ancestors through parent's natural bloodline. Our conscious mind may have been blocked over time but it's still there in our subconscious mind. It's now held within our spirit in a state of dormancy...yes,  all the African cultural secrets awaits us to wake up and see through our third eye and notice African Spirituality has been there [inside of you and me] even before we were born upon this earth. 

    A Case for Polygamy. Is it a legitimate option to rebuild our Black Nation? 

    The state of Black America is crumbling before our eyes at alarming rates and no one seems to be bring saying enough about it. I AM HERE TO SOUND THE BLACK COMMUNITY ALARM, if there is such a thing. Check the statistics from state to state and you will discover that there is a noticeable wide gap between the number of Black men and Black Women. This is a fact and if you find a state in America that has less Black women than Black men, call me out on it.  


    Look at the totality of our nation from a bird's eye view, then subtract the current rate of Black murders, our elderly population, the Black gays, our married couples, [not forgetting the rates of] and our incarcerated Black men and women and the Black unemployment ...WHAT'S LEFT in our community to grow our nation to continue a real growth trend? Not much, unfortunately. Is your third eye seeing this gloomy picture from up there? I know I'm not the only visualizing it. You see it Too! Ase.


    White Supremacy knows these devestating factors about us and this is the reason, in my opinion, they are not threatened by us. They're just letting us die out naturally and slowly over time. So what's the solution in light of all these subtracting White Supremacy control factors reducing our nation's ability to grow?


    Polygamy is currently a bad word in our community for even the very thought of it goes against the laws of our traditional European conditioning. It is an African ancestral concept that has worked for many centuries but White society, and our integration into it, infiltrated our minds to the point we have no connection with African concepts and culture as it applies to our relationships. All we know and breathe are European ways of living. 

    With that being said, when our people awake to embrace African concepts and then speak it to other Blacks that are not awoke, they respond  like they are hearing something strange and bizarre. They don't realize that what is being shared is actually their own African culture that was destroyed long ago by White Supremacy ideaologies. Remember when our African Ancestors became victims of European Terrorism, they were literally stripped of their identity on all levels of their lives.



    Everyone works to pool financial resources in an equitable and responsible way. Income streams are shared irregardless of how much is earned individually. This must be agree upon by all parties to avoid one expecting greater benefits equal to the size of their contribution. This can be solved by having the higher income earner to reduce work hours or changing jobs to level the income to or near the amount of the others in the household. However, if the person really has to do all that, then you may want to replace the higher income earner since his or her mentality is in European mode. This person will become a source of tension in other areas as well. This type of arrangement requires everyone to be unselfish and ego-friendly.


    There are many methods that can be used to organize household chores, however, one way could be to rotate chores around the female monthly cycle. If this is not agreeable, assign days that are convenient for everyone, including you to my brother. Men should share in cleaning and maintaining his castle and that includes cooking sometimes. Women loves a man that can cook.


    Homeschooling the children is the best option in Polygamy relationships; however, if this is not agreeable, daycare costs are paid from the household account just like all other costs, irregardless if one woman doesn't have a child yet. She is still getting the other benefits of the relationship. Each woman must help caring for the children in a nurturing way as she would want her kids to be cared for in her absence. IF she has an issue with this arrangement, you may want to remove her. This is a policy that can't be compromised. This is a village approach that is tried and true. 


    This area of the relationship must be organized around the women's monthly female cycle. It works best this way and should be treated with respect. Females must agree to this arrangement and highly respect the other woman's time with her man. Remember the man is yours also and you will have your time as well. 


    A. Never discuss sexual experiences, 

    B. Jealous actions or animosity of any sort gets you removed, 

    C. Cheating gets you removed, 

    D. Gay perversion gets you removed, unless this rule has been discussed and agreed upon. I personally advise against it because it changes the relationship to a European perversion. 

    E. Bringing friends into the relationship is prohibited. Avoid negative issues from outsiders. Be like a monogamous married couple and develop friendships with other polygamy families verses having single or monogamous couples as friends. If ya'll do agree to keep single or monogamous friends, keep them at a distance and DO NOT discuss your relationship business AT ALL. 


    The wise way to do this is to go online and do or print out a home finance literacy test and determine who is the best financial manager in the house. This person will not have access to the money but oversees the transactions and records them. All receipts should be given to that person. A weekly and monthly budget should done to cover all bills including weekly cash or access to allowances for each adult in the house. Weekly allowances should be the bare minimum needed for the week and distributed in equal amounts. The allowance amounts have to be issued only after bill outlays are negotiated and agreed upon. Home Finance day should be a meeting done on the last Sunday of each month. 


    1. Write down and post the house rules or Policies 

    2.  Post your Maat rules by which you govern yourselves. 

    3. Make a prayer area or room with alter that is central, private and easily accessible to everyone.

    4. Avoid public affection outside the home or in public areas of the home [especially in front of the children]. Save this for when you are in couple mode together outside the home or behind closed doors. In other words, show complete respect. Keep in mind this is not European it is African so respect our Ancestors. 

    NOTE: I can't think of anything else, so readers if you have any other suggestions, please add them in the comment section and I'll edit the article. 

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