The Black Woman's Dilemma

  • Peep this...In the Black community at large, women lack good men for many reasons 

    1. DAILY KILLINGS - Men are being killed at high rates

    2. JAILED DAILY - high rates

    3. LGBT - Men are being converted daily

    4. Terminally sick 

    5. Unemployed 

    6. Untouchables - Pimps, drug dealers, Alcoholics, Non workers, homeless.

    The Black woman's Dilemma: Few Black men available 

    WE have a significant number of 

    1. Single mothers struggling to raise the kids alone 

    2. Single females with basic jobs living alone or with roomies

    3. Single career females: Living alone

    Ladies, if you are currently in situations 1, 2, or 3, have you considered the benefits a Polygyny relationship can offer you? 

    THE STRUGGLE FOR OUR WOMEN IS REAL. It's no wonder our women are turning gay or being side chicks to other women husbands. So, we may need to stop trippin about Polygyny and remove the ignorance. Learn how it works and how you suppose to conduct yourself in that type of relationship. It's not some big ORGY and you don't have 3 women in the bed with your man..stop thinking perverted. There is order and agreement on how and when things are done. Fellas, the first wife helps or controls who the other sister wives will be. She has to bond with the other sistahs so you may not have a lot of say so in that area. There's a lot to it than most people think. 

    The Black community at large needs to accept this type of relationship for our own good. White Supremacy is at war with us even more than we realize. Check out Black death rates and incarceration rates and you'll think we're in Syria in the middle of a war. Go to California and see how small the Black population has become. They are literally exterminating us right under our noses!!

    With that being said, I apologize for rambling, but I see Polygyny as a good option for better financial stability (4 working adults), eliminate loneliness (3 Sister-wives + 1 Husband instead of you being alone), not roommates but a real loving family unit, shared household responsibilities and shared care for the children makes life easier on everyone. 

    This arrangement may be too over the top for the fearful and those that are too convinced that the European way is far too superior, but for the bold and beautiful, this could be a great way to bond with like-minded individuals that are for group economics and over coming a system designed to hinder our progress as a people. What's more? Men don't cheat in Polygny relationships..ever. Why? BECAUSE HE IS TOO BUSY MAINTAINING HIS HOUSE AND HE HAS NO TIME TO ENTERTAIN ANOTHER WOMAN. However, for you my Sistha, the benefits are so much greater than his. 1. Greater Sisterhood bonds, 2. You know the health of your sistahs so no disease or STDs to worry about, 3. Managing pooled incomes so there's a larger savings account, 4. Shared responsibility frees your time to read that great book, 5. Shared childcare or even home schooling becomes an option, 5. Polygyny is a Marriage not just a relationship so it is a real marriage by contract not sanctioned under the white man's system, 6. You have agreed time blocked off each month exclusively with your husband so the time can be flexible or however you and your sistah wives arrange it. So your needs are never neglected. 

    This is a sure way to collectively build a stable environment for our children and for ourselves as well. Why it's taboo for our people only points to ignorance of the unknown and we've been conditioned by our oppressor that a couple is the civilized way to approach a Marriage. But, once you learn about Polygyny then you can see why the white man would never want Blacks to embrace this arrangement. It is a real way to cheat his matrix. Can you imagine if Polygny caught on in the Black community nationwide??? Wow, the government would go nuts when they see the bank accounts of Black people rising to historical amounts, Blacks economics becoming significantly higher, new Black Businesses opening daily, and Polygyny families pooling money with other Polygny families to buy franchises to go in the Black community and others pooling resources to buy rental properties in the Black and the White communities. Polygyny family structure opens new doors and greater possibilities to the Black community as a whole. It's definitely a win, win, win proposition for all involved. 

    If you have questions or concerns or would like to start a Polygny family unit, inbox me or write a comment on this article. 

    Thanks for reading this with an open mind. 

    Ase Nomaste Kings and Queens, 

    Albert MGW

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