Polygyny: Potential New Wife

  • In Polygyny, healthy suggestion: No sex before marriage (if possible), additional wives are given 1-3 months to decide then complete a full year before sexual involvement with the husband to allow for mutual bonding with new Sistah-wife(s) and husband. This time is crucial to allow for spiritual growth, bonding, and loyalty. During this time, medical testing should be done as well as marital agreements, relationship and housing policies should be issued for review and signed after initial 1-3 month(s) get to know you time period. This way, the potential wife has the fair amount of time to understand the make up of the polygyny arrangement, know the policies that govern everyone, and know the system in place. 

    Polygyny is done wrong if they go into it with the wrong intentions. You have to get to know the man and women involved. So there so be a get to know me period (1-3 months) to allow a new potential wife the chance to evaluate the couple's setup and policy to know all is well before official agreements are signed. 

    Note: Be open to the potential wife to make helpful suggestions to agreements, rules and policies to allow for improvements. Polygyny is based on group agreement so help her to know her voice, views and suggestions are welcomed. 

    Note: In Polygyny, the sister-wives dont share a husband, they are joined to their husband the same like one woman is joined to her husband in monogamy.







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