Behold I stand at the door and knock

  • Behold I stand at the door and knock

    There was a boy who was born king he knew nothing and he didn't even know he was naked but one day he was taken by the hand and taken to a place where he was introduced to something he knew nothing about.

    As far as he knew everything was about him, he knew for a fact his blood was within him he knew his bones was within him his breath his DNA was within him and belong to him only, he knew for a fact that all his body parts were either within or attached to him

    But one day someone that was outside of himself came and took him to a place in a room in a house and told him about something and someone outside of himself and then to another place down the street and introduced him for the first time in his life to something profound outside of himself.

    So far as he knew no such thing existed because all he knew was every time he shouted out loud and every time he said something in private and down low he was the first one to hear it which was matching everything he knew for a fact he had nothing else other than the knowledge of self that he was born with and it was already working100%.

    Well, he went through the hardships of life after someone introduced him to That thing called something outside of himself and then one day he found out after trying to remember, think, and think again about what had happened to him because before he was introduced to something and someone outside of himself.

    He was doing fine before that thing or event happened to him!

    He always listens to that small still voice that he was born with inside himself that said don't do that, don't say that don't turn left go right and own and own at that time he was without a doubt a mighty boy on earth everything he touched seemed to turn to gold, he was so blessed that people seem to go out of their way to get him off his throne to get involved with something else none productive WHY?.

    But now he is under attack from the whole world demanding he believe in something or someone outside of himself and if he doesn't he could be branded or even killed by the people who are compelling him to do this. And perform this act and in most cases, they look just like him and they are not willing to answer his questions in one sentence or less and less than 5 seconds.

    His questions are as follows 1.Who is God?
    2.What is God?
    3.Where is God?
    4.Why is God?
    5.What am I?
    6.What is my name?
    7.Where did the word Name come from in the first place? 
    8.What is knowledge of self?
    9.Why was I born?
    10.Why are Kings and Queens always born and never appointed?
    11.What is a president? What is a Pope? What is a Bishop?
    What is a Deacon? What is a Mason? What is a Prime Minister?
    And last of all what is an Alien,? What is an immigrant?
    What is the word race and who on earth gave it to me? What is a NIGER exactly? where did the word come from? and who gave it to me and why?

    Well now that the boy has shaken off the psychological chains of mental slavery he has gone on a quest knocking on the doors of Facebook and blog talk radio trying to get in so he can ask his questions!

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