Black Social Media Site and cross promotion

  • I want to say since 2015 I've been using black social media sites. At one time I might've been a member of 9-12 different sites simultaneously. Most aren't active and others I stopped using. When I found MP I asked the owner if I can get another b.s.m.s. to agree to cross promote with his site would he be okay with that. He was cool with it, when I asked those other sites the same question they all fronted. No one was willing to let me post about M.P. on they site and I respected that. I see some cross promoting happening and, I hope I'm wrong, but I feel its only one way. I don't think y'all are promoting M.P. on those other sites for whatever reason. Point blank this is a business and if its a cross promotion cool but don't do it only on here. There's enough for everyone to eat, shit we could all work together but sometimes unity just sounds good.

    Leaps of faith was taken to start all platforms and the one constant is WE ALL ASKING FOR SUPPORTING MEMBERS. Every B.S.M.S. asks for donations and has some type of membership. Why? Because none of us has those fbibook resources. Most start as sole proprietorship (in concept before any business entity) then grow. We're all stagnant due to lack of support from the majority of the users. I feel if the sites somehow connected with each other but remain its own, kind of how the blockchain works we could grow together. If your on other b.s.m.s. holla at the owner or admins, tell them Melanated People wants to talk because together we're stronger. No I don't have any plan in mind but lets be able to talk first. Peace and thanks for reading.

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