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Bow down

  • WE are approaching an anniversary that proved without a doubt, what worth free BLACKS have to amerikkka. The date was May 13, 1985 on the gregorian calendar. What happened was an act so foul that until this day I still can't believe I watched it happen live on television!!!

    I won't tell what happened. Look it up YOURSELVES. I hope the KNOWLEDGE will M.O.V.E. YOU to fully grasp this whole covid 19 shit! If YOU don't bow down, YOU damn sure won't be around!

    There's increased outrage in US as well it should be. Yet what will be the outcome? Will WE storm the capital? Will WE drive a car into a crowd? Will WE forcibly occupy some region? 

    Hell the fuck no! WE will shake OUR heads and get right back on the plantation!!! Think FAMILY! How successful would the enslavement period be if all BLACKS refused to do shit? 

    What I'm asking is really simple and please don't change the parameters. If EVERY SINGLE SOLITARY BLACK PERSON refused to do what those krakkers said what would have happened? I'm sure I already KNOW what MOST of YOU will answer however don't just stop there!

    If all BLACKS refused to do anything whites told US to do from the 1400's until mid 1800's....yes millions would have died. Didn't millions die and BLACKS were following the rules? Millions would have been sold and or beaten. Well them krakkers were doing that without hesitancy! 

    So what really would have happened? I'll tell YOU.

    THERE WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN OVER 400 YEARS OF ENSLAVING US! The eurasian animals would have had to fend for themselves anddddd...when was artificial sunscreen created? Imagine a krakker in the 14 and 1500's working the fields to eat because no BLACKS would do the work under any circumstance!

    WE are being pulled to advocate for "asians", fags, transgenders...the list is damn near endless! Wanna KNOW what group isn't on the list that they advise YOU to support and strengthen? 


    Either bow down or lay down and they'll let YOU stay around.

    Ase' HOTEP☥

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