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    What is real? Are there really some "unseen" hands at work directing the events that play out before YOUR eyes? This question has belabored BLACK minds since the mutations of mutated mutations forced this question upon the youth of OUR ANCESTRY.

    By doing so, during the hellenization period, doubt, confusion and esfet followed. After 332 BCE the TRUTH of MA'AT began being erased from BLACK minds planet wide. However what MA'AT represented did not! 

    Take a hole for example. If YOU were to dig a hole in YOUR yard and leave it, NATURE will fill that hole over time. How long it will take depends on how big the hole and if it's not shielded from wind or rain. YOU are guaranteed that if that hole is out in the open that it will not be a hole forever! 

    Let's look at something else. Take a huge mountainous, solid stone. If that stone is subjected to water continously running across its surface then that surface will begin to pit and erode over time. 

    Wind is the movement of air. Current describes the movement of water and electricity. Is it any wonder that the 2 most destructive forces on earth both are dependent and described by how they move? The faster they move, the larger the damage they do. There is a reciprocal relationship between the speed and what happens. 

    YOUR ANCESTORS had millions of years to watch NATURE and THEMSELVES. THEY determined, long before a indo-asian or indo-arian existed that all forces had both opposing and cumulative effects on the HUEMAN body just as they had on anything else in the world around THEM. THEY intuited the TRUTH of the ONE and named that ONE, NUN just as THEY named the governing logic behind these forces MAA and later MA'AT. 

    From these observances YOUR ANCESTORS recorded the TRUTHS of all sciences in stories. The MEDU NETER itself is the proof of this. MEDU NETER is the language of "GOD" and in OUR mouths these TRUTHS manifest into resultant action. 

    Because these TRUTHS were KNOWN there were no world wars, no widespread health threatening diseases and no perversions to the divinity of the HUEMAN. What am I saying?

    What I'm saying is this. Religions, all of them, are watered down and twisted perversions of TRUTH. They bind the fervent religious mind in the ifs of be-lie-f and faith, shackling the religious to a backwardness and captivating the mind in fuckery. Look up the definitions for the words faith and belief. YOU'LL never find the words TRUTH, fact or proof in the definitions. 

    Believe or KNOW...YOUR choice. Just KNOW that there are consequences for YOUR choice just like there are for the winds and rain. 

    Ase' HOTEP

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