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Any thoughts?

  • Da Wolf howls...

    A certain mentality really is pissing ME off. This mendacity of thinking which many BLACKS, including MYSELF, exhibit is pervasive, corrosive, lethal and completely in OUR brains due to being indoctrinated with thoughts from the mutations of mutated mutations.

    This is the "not enough" mentality.

    I am not enough of a FATHER.

    I am not enough as a MOTHER.

    I am not enough of a friend.

    I am not enough as a MATE.

    See, the lie of these four statements are  seen when the TRUTH of what BLACK written. The statements show themselves in the reading...if YOU KNOW the TRUTH of BLACK!

    I'll illustrate.

    EYE am not enough as a FATHER.

    EYE am not enough as a MOTHER.

    EYE am not enough of a friend.

    EYE am not enough as a MATE.

    Still not catching on?

    When YOU OVERSTAND that BLACK is only a word YOU stop tripping on being called BLACK and concentrate on what information YOU portray and receive from hearing or reading the word. Definitions are integral to KNOWING a word.

    The word BLACK was created to describe something just like every word in every language ever spoken by any HUEMAN and human mouth.

    The essence of what that word describes, the underlying essence of information, is an association with DARKNESS. When YOU keep this in mind, and if YOU KNOW that ALL things in existence come out of DARKNESS the resultant information cannot have a "less than" connotation then. Therefore THOSE WHO produce ample supplies of DARKNESS can never really lack in anything. THEY produce the DARKNESS and since all stems from that DARKNESS if YOU'RE ever short...reach inside and find more!

    Shadow work is seen to be more and more necessary in today's world and if done regularly I KNOW OUR BABIES would not be shot on OUR streets by OUR hands. Crack, booze, heroin, cigarettes and other poisons would not be the go to whenever stress arose if WE went back into the BLACK more often. Yet why would WE when WE are told BLACK, DARKNESS, is bad, when WE are shown by media that BLACK  is bad, when WE think or use OUR BLACK producing brains, that BLACK is bad? 

    BLACK means pale...<a fucktarded statement.

    BLACK means B-lack...<an even more fucktarded statement

    BLACK is just a color...<the fucktards that think this use the same warped thoughts as those that invented the word BLACK

    YOUR FIRST EYE, the PINEAL GLAND is YOUR BLACK producing connection to the MIND of the UNIVERSE. This is scientific fact proven by countless experiments. IT is the first fully functioning gland in YOUR body and if not for IT then nothing else in YOUR body would grow as the UNIVERSE decreed, or grow at all.

    ALL YOU are YOU owe to that DARKNESS produced by the PINEAL GLAND, THAT MELANIN making EYE that sees light in all spectrums even when no light can be see by YOUR other two eyes. Does that sound like something that is lacking? Or pale? Or just A color? The BLACK produced BY that EYE is the essence, the basis of and what all colors cumulatively are! 

    Yet WE hold onto that "less than", that morbidly incorrect thought like a hooker in church holding onto Pastor Pimpmo's pecker while he's counting the collection plates. It's weird that a person whom shows the "less than" thinking by selling sexual contact for money is damn near using the same "less than" thinking that Pastor Pimpmo's religious preaching produces. 

    Get on YOUR knees and worship something outside of YOU that is greater than YOU and then....

    I am not enough...

    I am not enough to get a job, god please give it to ME.

    I am not enough to be a better MATE so I fall into temptations, god give ME strength. 

    I am not enough of a PARENT to govern, guide and raise MY CHILD, god grant ME WISDOM. 

    goddamn all that! 

    Get the fuck up off YOUR knees and lift that EYE to the sky in the KNOWING that YOU are more than enough! And YOU are BLACK! Be proud of this and share it with pride! Show that pride in YOUR actions so that they speak the words of YOUR DARKNESS! 

    EYE AM! 

    Ase' HTP☥⚫

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