Comment Or Not?

  • I have read comments from some members regarding interaction. on the site, or should I say the lack thereof. I have also read comments from members asking questions and encouraging other members to comment. We all have probably seen the same memes  on our time line. Used the cute melanated emojis and kept on strolling.  Still no comments, no thanks for sharing or even corrections. Yes I said corrections. Just because it's cute or pro black does not make it correct

    Ok, so nobody commented or liked your memes or post. They did not answer a question you asked, nor do they like your selfies. Now your feelings are hurt. Why, because they are showing you the same courtesy you showed them?

    Yep, imagine that, they felt some kind of way when you overlooked their posts too.

    We'll you might think it's not that serious. Another member is taking time to write a post about such a basic topic

    Well you are right it's not that serious people. Relax!!! Engage!!! Inspire!!!

    If you feel more comfortable invite your friends and family to become Supporting Members.

    If there is a specific topic you want to talk about start an on site  group.

    Instead of saying what's not happening, or what's not popping or what's not being done. Ask yourself
    1) Am I being the change I want to see?
    2) What can I do or suggest to make the best social network for the Black community

    #blackpower #blackPeople

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