Why I Am A Supporting Member

  • On one of the random times that I look on FB in the last two years, I saw an ad for MelanatedPeople.net. I googled the name and saw that it was created/owned by a Black Man. It was worth my while to download the app, to get a better look at the site. I was amazed to find that the site was less than 1 year old, this was January 2017).

    I really was excited because this was a social network with real Black People sharing real victories and defeats of Black People. I have contributed to different causes expecting nothing in return and received nothing in return but a thank you. I have received so much more from MelanatedPeople.net. Knowledge and a growing connection to a Black community that express many of my own thoughts.

    With highs come lows. Unfortunately, as the site grew so did the expectations to accommodate growth. Somewhere in the shuffle I became a Supporting Member. Agreeing with the administrators, upgrades were necessary. Growing to almost 7000 members is great. Learning out of 7000 there are only 43 Supporting Members is disappointing. Because, daily there are complaints about the site and most of them are regarding the convenience of the site navigation. Most of the complaints are from those who are not Supporting Members. Only $2.50 monthly fee or $30 annual fee. There are at least 1000 members on the site who pay for an unused gym membership per month with fees higher than $2.50

    This site represents so much more the the next cliche' meme. To me it represent a connection to Black people all over the world at the push of a button.

    This is my story of becoming a Supporting Member of MelanatedPeople.net my other reason is based on something my Grandmother (Ancestor) used to say.... "Black people will learn one day, you can't run shit, when you don't own shit". This site has an owner but if this will pave the way to a better future every body should become a Supporting Member Today.

    Peace and Blessings

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