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    Nothing in this world is really FREE. At some point, someone has to pay.

    MelanatedPeople.net was created and is owned by a Black Man. Who believes the Black People / culture should have a positive platform to speak our own truths. Also, offering a positive experience to the Black Community. A social network that is purely focused on Black Lives.

    Surely, out of 7100 members, more than 50 people can see the positivity of this site and want to see more. In only one year there is a site for the Black Community being compared to other sites that's been operational for more than 15 years. Yes, there is more to come. And all will be to benefit our community growth.

    If you have posted or stated this site is good or if you appreciate the positive environment of MelanatedPeople.net social network become a Supporting Member today. It is only $2.50 per month, or $30 annual payment.

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