Not on the same level

  • Agree to disagree
    Respect the Opinions of others
    and the Block Feature

    The guidelines of this site are pretty straight forward

    The above three are necessary because there will always be those who believe interjecting negative, derogatory and misogynistic views to someone else's comment and call it being disagreeable. In fact it is being disrespectful. This is a weak tactic to use when trying to dissuade others from stating their own opinion.When posts or memes are on the main feed others will like, comment, or ignore and keep on scrolling. Regardless if you agree or disagree use some degree of decorum and remember it is their opinion. Just state your point and move on.

    Being quick to attack and be dismissive, expecting others to agree with you. This shows a presence of low inferiority complex. Meaning when one is presented with a clear and concise plan of action and they have no intelligent rebuttal, they resort to ignorant phrases, such as "in your feelings".jAlso, this is not the first time this has happened, nor am I the only person who has expressed this complaint.

    Melanated People (Male and Female) we love, respect and honor your knowledge, and we expect the same from you.


    Oh yeah and the block feature, well you will figure that out also.


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