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    2 Likes 20 Views Let Us Be Our Own Solution No longer do we have time to complain about what we already know is wrong. No longer can we try to scrap Read More...

  • how to make a fridge from trash. WARNING DANGEROUS

    Posted Sep 4 by Carl tyson

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    This is an easy but extremely dangerous process But once sealed it is not only a great cooling tool but also reusable simply by heating the water sideRequires 3 parts  a strong steel chamber set consisting Read More...

  • How much energy in a falling mass, for energy storage

    Posted Sep 3 by Carl tyson

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    Ancient cultures have always looked to using weight as a method of storing energy, from the first cranes who used counter weights as balancing masses to build structures To uses of water wheels Here I will be c Read More...

  • Test September 2021

    Posted Sep 2 by Teststrip Freeee

    Because being free isn't free, we fight to be able to make our own choices. As a sovereign human being, I choose to love people without waiting to see if they will love me back beforehand. Those who do show me love consi Read More...

  • how to know how hard something is hit

    Posted Sep 2 by Carl tyson

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    The premise is simple and I'll make it quick so you can learn it fast  How much force is involved in an event is shown by looking at the changes in speed and the mass of the object that changes in speed For exampl Read More...

  • The Facts on the Vac

    Posted Aug 20 by tarhaka bey

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      The Facts on the Vac   Tarhaka Amaana El Bey click on these video's Read More...

  • Carbonated Notes

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  • Feminine Mother Goddess

    Posted Jun 8 by Eye Am

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    During the tenure of the "Stellar Civilizations" the `Feminine´(women) held superior positions in society, religion, & government. stellar: adjective - of a star or stars; stellar&nbs Read More...

  • YÖNI, Feminine Delta, Vulva(Völvö), Övum, Pussy Yoga

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    The primary "TANTRIC" Feminine Reproduction object of "Renown & Worship" was/is the "YONI" also known as the "Feminine Delta", the "Vulva"(hence...Volvo), Ovum, Double Oval et cetera or the Feminine Reproduction Organs Read More...

  • The Power of Thought and Word

    Posted Jun 4 by Jilly (just Jilly)

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    This physical world we exist in is one large system of energy. There is energy everywhere. It is all around us and in us. As a matter of fact, energy is us. Our thoughts, words, actions...are all energy. We as people, ma Read More...