• Amais

    Posted June 15, 2020 by Chrise Ehizonomen

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    Life has handed me lots of lessons I want to share. These are my lessons and I feel like if anyone could get the lesson before the possible heartache then I'm glad I could share it. I have a passion for writing and shari Read More...

  • Emotionally Bankrupt

    Posted June 14, 2020 by Patrice Simmons-Hunter

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    This is insanity, mental bullshit..physically chaotic Plots in my mind, alternate endings..I think I need a drink  Moet would be nice, a shot of Hennessey even better But that would fog my mind, make Read More...

  • Why Am I So Angry

    Posted June 14, 2020 by Kween Imani Montanna

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    As a clinical Psychologist im often asked Why the current state of affairs has me so personally angry. Here is why.... What happens when you reach your final threshold? When you have lived 46 years of your life, as a l Read More...

  • Hidradenitis Supprativa & Me

    Posted June 13, 2020 by Nas Janee

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    This is a short story about Hidradenitis Supprativa... My experience,long story short.It started early... Like 10, if not earlier. I can remember playing tag and having RISENS...whatever those are. I just thought everyo Read More...

  • harvesting honeysuckle

    Posted June 13, 2020 by D Reigns

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    Harvesting honeysuckle to use for tea and scented oil. Smells wonderful 

  • Road To Self Love pt.3

    Posted June 13, 2020 by Latoya wolfe

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    Asserting a firm mind to heal is necessary for growth no matter how long or how often we fight to acknowledge this factual truth.Sometimes we are forced to heal, other times we are given a smooth road to tread. The force Read More...

  • Breaking The 9-5 Mindset

    Posted June 13, 2020 by Dr Tranell Steward

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    Our mind is our central intelligence agency. It is the place that collects and stores our experiences throughout life. Therefore, our minds shape much of our actions, our words, and our processes. When we make decisions Read More...

  • Intellectual Eroticism

    Posted June 12, 2020 by Keith Erick

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  • Come Home

    Posted June 12, 2020 by solofiness Fall


    Come Home to Senegal 

  • Road To Self Love pt.2

    Posted June 9, 2020 by Latoya wolfe

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    "Let go!" They say when you hold on to the pains that made you feel a sense of belonging. But what should I hold on to if not my pain?"Hold on to positive!" I'm sorry but I don't know that which you speak, how does "posi Read More...