• Natural Intelligence Is Supreme

    Posted June 24, 2019 by MindNutrient247

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    Artificial intelligence can never be a match or able to compete with the cosmic universal and natural intelligence of the fathering universe, in which we all are part of. But if you fail to return to your true and natur Read More...

  • Lifting Consciousness

    Posted June 23, 2019 by MindNutrient247

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    Ey3/I AM the song That was never sung Yet AM seen In far away places With my melody Ey3/I did travel Through the cosmos Bringing the Earth Magnetic field with m3 My energy is the SUN Walking upon the body Of thy watere Read More...

  • Karma Cannot Be Erased

    Posted June 23, 2019 by MindNutrient247

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    Grand rising Suns, Moons and Stars of the Highest. The way out is simple, karma cannot be erased when one continued in the way that incured it. It can be transmute when one realises that the karma he or she have incured Read More...

  • You're The Matrix's DRONE

    Posted June 22, 2019 by MindNutrient247

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    Do you know you are not the owner of what you are thinking right now?Maybe you think you are: isn't it true that thought are inspired by images, signs and sounds around us, which you and Ey3/I cannot control? Well, Read More...

  • The New Religion

    Posted June 15, 2019 by NO' TEP

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    STRONG BLACK COMMUNITY If belief centers popped up in a city near you that was all inclusive no matter what religion, faith, belief or social class structure, educational background,  or upbringing you have; would Read More...


    Posted June 12, 2019 by John Ray

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  • Parasitic Predator Mind Connection

    Posted June 11, 2019 by Eye Am

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    The Predator’s Parasitic Mind The predator’s mind is Carlos Castaneda‘s term for that which aligns man with the thought center of service to self. In The Active Side Read More...

  • Je + Sus (Sus: Latin / Fish, Pig) (Je suis: French / I am)

    Posted June 10, 2019 by Eye Am

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    What does the term/name/neighm "Jesus" (Je+Sus) imply ?   The prefix of the term/name/neighm "Jesus" is (Je), which would be immediately recognized by a half billion Earth inhabitants as French for "I".  &nb Read More...

  • Tight Leash (English) i.e Dog Latin

    Posted June 9, 2019 by Eye Am

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    Why is the word "God" a reverse of the word "Dog"? Why is the word "Die" a reverse of the word "Eid" ? Perhaps one should examine, ponder, master the notion of..."Live like a Dog, Die like a Dog"...Could it be that G Read More...

  • Predator Amongst Us

    Posted June 8, 2019 by Eye Am

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    WARNING-WARNING-WARNING Do not read this blog, if you rely on a rigid belief/cultured system to give your life a false sense of security & meaning. The information & knowledge presented on this blog is potentially life Read More...